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Posted by Wen on June 21st, 2017

Cheaney, Juwan Howard and Muresan, because life was just great. Chris  Webber was hurt. The next day was my 10th birthday, and my NBA Live Coins birthday  present that year was a trip with my dad to Bulls-Bullets at U.S. Air Arena in Landover,  Md. And even Clinton made that horrible journey from D.C. to Landover, so you knew it was a big game.Every Bulls game was big by that point. The Bulls were defending champs

Michael Jordan was the biggest star on the planet, we knew we were watching one of the greatest players ever and every game he played was its own piece of the history.Jordan struggled early that night, so Scottie Pippen picked up the slack with 20 points in the first half, keeping the Bulls comfortably in control. Then the Bullets made a run to make it a one-point game in the fourth quarter, and it looked like the game might get interesting.Then Michael Jordan happened. He scored the next 15 points for Chicago in the fourth quarter, ultimately finishing with 36 points and scoring 18 of the Bulls' final 22 points. He also guarded Rod Strickland and shut him down over the final six minutes.I don't actually remember much from the game.

The details come from this Baltimore Sun recap I found Wednesday night. But I remember what a big deal it was having the President at a Bullets game, and I remember the D.C. crowd going nuts for Jordan throughout that fourth quarter. Nobody in the stadium even pretended to care about the Bullets, including my dad. More than anything else

I remember afterward, walking through a Cheap NBA 2K18 MT massive Landover parking lot with my dad telling me over and over again how lucky I was to have seen Michael Jordan play in person.  1. This is a floated element, so place before the paragraph you'd like it to float besidHe's our Michael Jordan, and if that sounds completely basphemous, it's also

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