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Posted by lizathomas on June 21st, 2017

Today, it will be difficult to find a person who is not using an electronic device. Apart from the computer systems and smartphones, there exist many other electronic devices and tools that are used in different industrial operations. Electronic devices are made up of various hardware components where printed circuit board (PCB) is an essential one. It is in the form of a board that is used to support and mount other components present in the device physically. So in a way, PCB provides a base through which different elements of the electronic device can communicate or connect with each other. These connections are made through wired materials known as traces.

Mostly, a PCB is made of fiberglass or glassed plastic while the traces are built by with copper sheets laminated to the circuit board. Depending on the complexity of the electronic devices, PCBs are available in different layers. Some of the simple devices have one-layered PCB while in devices like computer graphic cards and motherboards, the PCBs can have up to 12 layers. The primary advantage of the PCB is that it helps in the soldering of switches that are mounted into the keyboard connected with a device. PCB mounted switches are joined by the solder joints between the terminals of the keyboard and the PCB with the help of one or more fixing pins. As the users hit the keyboard, an electric charge is sent from one point to another through the copper traces that allows the mounted switches to work accordingly.

PCB mounted switches are available in different types such as slide switches, DIP switches, coded rotary switches, tact switches and many others. In the slide switches, the current flow is in a linear to and fro motion that completes a closed circuit. This movement is less costly to implement in the electronic devices but, has a limited range. Slide switches are further available in different types as tiny slide switches, surface mount tiny washable slide switches, subminiature slide switches, miniature slide switches for telecom operations and miniature professional slide switches for PC boards. All of them are built in high grade contact materials and can be used to perform different functions.

If you are looking to buy PCB mounted switches in Australia, you can get them from different dealers. Many of them are providing the option to buy PCB mounted switches online through their websites. Here, you can buy PCB mount slide switches as well.

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