Stop the Birds from Making Your Home their Nest, with the Help of Pigeon Spikes

Posted by Pigeon Guard on June 21st, 2017

Pigeon spikes are one of the most useful materials available in the market. It keeps the birds at bay, which disturbs the peace and hygiene of the home. The fecal matter of the pigeon is dangerous for human health as it carries harmful diseases. The spikes are needle-like structures, usually made of steel or polycarbonate. They are easy to install and are weather resistant. It is a cost-effective solution to get rid of the pigeons. Since they are virtually not visible, the aesthetic appeal of the building is not altered. It is the best possible solution to keep the pigeons away from your home, without harming them.

All about Bird Netting

Bird netting is the one-stop solution for preventing the birds from entering the premises of your garden or home. Every year the homeowners spend hundreds of dollars repairing the damage caused by the birds. Its unique feature saves the building from any physical damage. The most economical and effective way of implementing the bird netting in Canada is to install the unit before the birds enter the premises.Due to its light weight and easy installation, it is adopted all over Canada.

Pro-Active Steps Helps Save your Money

Since damage caused by the birds is a common issue faced by the homeowners, it is highly advisable to opt for the bird netting and pigeon spikes. It saves the house from the damage of the construction, ventilation systems, roofs, air conditioning units, etc. The bird droppings make the house look like a visual nightmare. Taking proper precautionary steps save your home from the torture of the birds.

Trapping and Removal of the Pigeons

Keeping the pigeons away from your home can simply be done by trapping them without harming them. This can only be done by a professional pigeon removal team. They inspect the site, as every site is different from the other. After the inspection, the bird deferring tools are installed wherever it is required. The professionals accomplish the job in a proficient and cost-effective manner. Pigeons are capable of hatching any time of the year, so it is very important to be cautious about the issue before they start considering your house for building their nest. The professionals also clean up the highly toxic droppings, which can cause serious health issues.

The basic bird repellents like the spikes and nets are the proper and most effective way of keeping the birds away from your home, under professional guidance.

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