Frustrated With Your PC's Performance? Learn How Windows Registry Cleaners Can Help!

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 30th, 2010

Just like a car your PC needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. One of the most important things to check is the Windows registry. What is a registry? The registry is a database which contains the information about your PC. For example it contains information about what kind of hardware is in the PC or attached to the PC. Also it contains information about operating system settings and settings you made to the software you installed. Changes to these settings are stored as keys within the registry. These settings are read and modified from the moment you start till you shut down your PC. When you uninstall software the keys are either changed or removed from the registry. Unfortunately the software does not always remove all the information from the registry.

Problems occur because these settings are not properly removed after deleting programs from your computer. Besides causing system errors you can also experience performance loss. Well known errors that can occur are blue screens or system errors when starting your PC. Windows registry cleaners can fix these problems for you and make your pc running smoothly again. There is another solution to resolve these problems: a complete reinstall of the operating system and all the programs you installed! This drastic solution will take you more time and effort, because you have to backup your data of each program and also save all the settings you made. I recommend using Windows registry cleaners to solve the problems instead of doing a complete reinstall.

What are the features you should look for in Windows Registry Cleaner software?

You should look for the option to backup your current registry. This is in case anything goes wrong with the registry repairs, the software can restore the old settings. Most registry cleaning software offer this option nowadays. Does the software offer the option to do automatic scanning? You can always scan manually but it's nice to have the program do it for you. Besides saving you time and let you concentrate on other more important things in your life you won't forget to do it regularly! Another option I recommend using is the defragment or compress option. If the registry is smaller is size it will load faster in memory. You will notice this in the performance of your PC.

If you are experiencing these problems with your PC, I would recommend downloading a free trail. Most software vendors offer a free software trial version. It will usually perform a full system scan and remove some of the problems. If you like the software you can buy it later trough their website.

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