Increasing your Core Strength using Core Training Exercises

Posted by coolwriters on August 24th, 2010

Core strength training exercises help you to stabilize your body movements with greater control and balance. In core strength training exercises, the movements are done in such a way that the whole body works in unison. The muscle groups are not isolated here. Isometric exercises are the best for core strength training.

Here you need to focus on the quality of your moves and not the quantity. You should also focus on your breathing while doing these exercises. You should be able to follow a controlled breathing sequence throughout the exercise. If your core muscles are weak, then you are easily prone to lower back injury and pain.

The core muscles work as shock absorbers. They help to prevent any injury to the spine caused due to sudden jumps or jerky movements. So if your core muscles are strong, then there is lesser strain on your spine. The performance of other muscles of the body, especially the muscles of the arms and legs is also improved. Medicine balls and balance boards are common equipments used for core strength training.

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