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Posted by HaikuDesigns on June 22nd, 2017

Where Did Those Family Heirlooms Go?

Did they fall into a black-hole? Are they hiding in a cluttered closet? Or are they hiding under the dusty bed? Perhaps those valued possessions could fend for themselves better if they were secured inside of a bed that’s more trusting. Hence, the advent of the modern storage bed and its elusive pragmatism. Like many inventions, no one knows for sure who invented the resourceful storage bed, but whoever that person was, she or he deserves a lot of credit for making life easier for those of us who sometimes can’t find a particular item. Visually speaking, most bedframes are almost invisible, and even a lot of platform bedframes are so featureless that they, too, fade into the background, and there is certainly a market for simplicity. However, by comparison, storage platform beds are more complex in their appearance by their very nature, which allows them to be more visually appealing, depending on their craftsmanship, of course. This natural beauty is enhanced by other pieces of matching furnitures, such as a dresser and compatible nightstands, which also provide valuable storage space for personal items. Some people would say that storage beds are not sophisticated, as though they’re only built with kids in mind, but when combined with a platform bed design, they can be quite beautiful.

Milieu Therapy for the Sane

In the mental-health field, milieu therapy is widely used, especially in group-homes. Its application is based on the knowledge that keeping a domestic environment clean, orderly and uncluttered has a positive impact on people who suffer from thought disorders or disorganized thinking. If you think about it, this makes total sense, since one’s external environment does affect one’s internal reality. It’s safe to say that if people could magically keep their home environment well-organized by waving a wand, they would do so. Why not? That would certainly make it easier to find those family heirlooms. So, this type of therapy provides benefits to anyone, whether they suffer from mental illness or not. At the very least, it makes a home and a bedroom more presentable to visitors, which is always a plus, especially when you’re courting someone that may gain possession of those family heirlooms one day.

The Child Factor

Even though storage beds can serve anyone of any age, they are a practical solution for children and teenagers, who have a natural tendency to be endearingly messy. With small children and older kids this tendency has more to do with just being playful and carefree, but with adolescents, there’s the psychological or developmental tendency to be rebellious. And what better way to rebel against parents than to let a bedroom look like a scrambled jigsaw puzzle?

A lot of modern platform storage-bed are made from eco-friendly materials, so if you’re in the market for one, then consider buying it from a local Green company that’s dedicated to using renewable resources and building a sustainable future.

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