Choosing the Right Dog Kennel for Your Dog

Posted by Diana Mead on June 22nd, 2017

A kennel will offer your dog a much-needed shelter from elements like the sun, rain, and wind. It should normally be raised from the ground so that cold and wet doesn’t sleep in and trouble your little pup. For new pet parents, it can be overwhelming to find the right kennel that suits your dog and keeps him healthy and happy. If you’re looking for a dog kennel, consider these factors to find the right fit:

Size Does Matter

When looking for a kennel, make sure you consider the full grown size of your dog’s breed. Even if he is a puppy now, it is best to opt for a bigger size kennel to avoid a repurchase. It must be big enough to accommodate your dog to turn around, sit and lie down inside. Normally, dogs like to curl up in their kennels to keep warm so make sure there is ample of space to do so. However, if you go for a really big kennel, they will get cold so buying the ideal size is important. Also, make sure it isn’t so big that your dog is inclined to use half of it as a bedroom and the remaining half as a bathroom.

It’s all about the Material

Dog kennels are made of either wood, metal or both. These are good quality kennels, but they can be difficult to clean and will end up being an unhygienic solution in the long run. Plus, they are extremely heavy so if you want to move it regularly, it might pose a serious challenge. Luckily, there are newer and advanced kennels available today that are made from light-weight plastic materials. They are extremely durable, sturdy and well-ventilated to ensure comfort and safety of your pooch. These also stay warm in winters and cold in summers, which will keep your furry friend comfortable in all weather conditions. If you want a simpler solution, they are easy to clean and move as well. If your dog is a chewer, ensure that you choose a hard material so that he doesn’t chew it off.

Placing it correctly

To ensure the happiness and comfort of your dog, it is best to place your kennel at a spot that is cool in summers and warm in winters. You can also move your kennel when seasons change so that it isn’t too difficult for your pooch to adjust to the weather. It must also be well-sheltered and out of direct sunlight in summers. Another tip to remember is to place the kennel closer to the house so that your dog feels a part of the family and gets enough social interaction. If you place it too far away, he might feel left out every time he has to go inside his kennel.

After selecting the right kennel and placing it in an ideal spot in your home, you can make it more comfortable for your dog by adding some cozy cushions or toys. He will surely love his new home!

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