What Things to Consider While Buying VPN Services

Posted by Cybersilent on June 23rd, 2017

In today’s virtual world where most dealings are done electronically or online, cyber security has become a concern of the utmost importance. Various means of protecting business data are utilized to prevent information leaks or hacking. The use of a Virtual Private Network or VPN adds an extra layer of security by keeping connections secure.

Understanding VPN

Connecting to the internet—which is an open public network—can leave room for intrusion or make your business vulnerable to hacking or unauthorized access. Network access over a private local network or intranet gives your company the benefits of tighter security and access controls.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows for secured access of a private intranet over a public network. This is accomplished by using a system or protocol that assigns a user with a new virtual IP address within the VPN, which masks the physical IP of the computer being accessed by the user. All of the user’s internet traffic is channeled thru the VPN server, virtually extending a private network over public internet which allows for a more secure connection. This is particularly helpful for securely connecting geographically separated offices of a company or organization by means of an IP tunneling protocol, creating a single, secure, and cohesive network.

Choosing the Right VPN Provider

Since the VPN facilitates the connections between parties across the internet, one must consider the security features that a VPN provider offers. The VPN security model must provide confidentiality—meaning, the data that travels across the VPN network must be encrypted so that all information over the VPN network is secured even if an attacker is able to sniff it out. The VPN must also have sender authentication measures to prevent unauthorized access, and must ensure message integrity which detects if any message sent over the VPN network has been tampered with.

A good VPN must likewise employ secure protocols like OpenVPN, IPsec, Transport Layer Security or SSL/TSL, Datagram Transport Layer Security or DTLS, Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption, Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol or SSTP, and Secure Shell or SSH VPN, among others.

The best VPN providers self-manage over 180 servers in more than 50 countries while guaranteeing fast speeds. They can assure that your activity logs will never be stored. When you buy the right VPN service, you are essentially protected by a safe tunnel that automatically encrypts your data and makes you invisible online.

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