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Posted by Annyer on June 23rd, 2017

According to the official website, The Old School Team will bring Mor Ul Rek, Lava Fishing, Thieving, Obsidian Armour into the oldschool game, are you ready for the Inferno? Do you know what are they? And how it works? Don’t worry, just pay attention to our article.


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Mor Ul Rek

The TzHaar race have used their vast array of knowledge to create a fruitful city for its slightly-molten inhabitants. However, only the most trusted of outsiders may enter. If you wish to enter the city of Mor Ul Rek, present your Fire Cape to a city guard. You will not lose your Fire Cape while doing this. 
Lava Fishing

If you're properly equipped, within the city of Mor Ul Rek you can fish from the lively lava rivers. Doing so requires an oily fishing rod, ice gloves, fishing bait and level 80 Fishing.

A careless stall owner found in Mor Ul Rek foolishly leaves their stock unguarded on a regular basis. Someone needs to show them the error of their ways.

If you have level 75 Thieving, you can steal from gem stalls. With level 82 Thieving, you can steal from ore stalls.

At level 90 Thieving, you're able to pickpocket the TzHaar-Hur found wandering the city.
Obsidian Armour

A newly accessible shop found within Mor Ul Rek stocks Obsidian Armour. Each piece of this set requires level 60 Defence to equip, and provides some great offensive melee bonuses.

In addition to the stats shown above, when the full Obsidian plate armour set is equipped (helmet, platebody, platelegs), Obsidian weaponry is given a +10% boost in melee accuracy and melee strength!

In addition to being sold in a shop, Obsidian armour can also be received as a drop from the level 221 TzHaar-Ket found around the city.
The Inferno
The Inferno is the greatest solo PvM challenge ever to be introduced into Old School RuneScape. Beyond sacrificing a Fire Cape, there are no requirements to attempt The Inferno. Once inside, you'll be faced with wave after wave of powerful monsters. You'll encounter many new kinds of creature, and you will truly be up against the odds. 

If you are able to endure the heat and take down TzKal-Zuk, you will earn yourself an Infernal Cape. This cape is the new best-in-slot option for melee capes. But beyond stats, it is a symbol of your immense skill and ability to prevail when facing almost certain death.

It is possible to combine the Infernal Cape with a Max Cape to create an Infernal Max Cape - the most prestigious of items in Old School. Few have what it takes to face TzKal-Zuk, and even fewer have what it takes to defeat him.

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