What are the Values and Principles of Siddha Yoga for Spiritual Learning

Posted by aciminla74 on June 23rd, 2017

Belief is one thing that can work wonders for an individual if it is true in every sense. It is holy in nature and, thus, is the purest form of connection one can form with anything. It allows you to live a life that is heightened in value and cheerful in nature. The troubling experiences become a source of learning and the joyous moments become energy to move forward with all the positivity one can garner.

There is a uniqueness about the whole process of spiritual learning and the path to attaining it is laid with flowers that may seem like thorns from a distance. But once you dedicate yourself completely to it, all the bitterness washes away and what remains is a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Actual miracles begin to happen and what seemed mysterious begins to become crystal clear.

In the 21st century, the growth in the field of medicine is par excellence. But still there are number of psychological and physical agonies that the pioneers of the medicine industry are yet to find a solution for. This excess of dependency of conventional medicine has blinded us beyond reason to look for alternative healing methods that are right in front of us. One of the best examples of such treatments that can lead to miraculous recovery from a vast array of troubles is Siddha Yoga, an advanced form of yoga that is a fusion of various forms of yoga including Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, and Raja Yoga.

The term ‘Siddha’ translates to the English words ‘Proven or Perfect’ and the aim of practising it is to attain supreme bliss. The Siddha Yoga vision statement reads, “For everyone, everywhere, to realize the presence of divinity in themselves and creation, the cessation of all miseries and suffering, and the attainment of supreme bliss.” So, ultimately this form of yoga that has been passed on from various civilizations and has been in practice for time unknown, is a proven form of spiritual healing.

Along with Siddha yoga, there are a number of other ways to attain enlightenment that include meditation, advanced learning of one’s religion and complete dedication to spiritual learning. In a sense, spiritual learning is spiritual healing and one only has to have belief and trust to move in the right direction.

One way to begin this beautiful journey is to find quality information, lectures and educational volumes to gain a perspective. Beyond that the journey will happen on its own.

Author’s Bio:The author is a blogger and a spiritual learner. This article sheds light on the values of Siddha yoga and spiritual healing.

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