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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

Want to put a smile on a loved one's face or hear the laughter ring out from the kiddies on Christmas day. Well the first move is to get it right when choosing their presents. How nice for you to hold an ear to ear grin all because this year you chose the ideal gift for the family. Deciding on what is right for each individual can cause unnecessary stress and worry to the build up to Christmas.

Xmas is a happy/joyous event where we celebrate our lords being. Jesus is a very special person in our life, an out of sight lodger in our thoughts and always in our heart who gave us all those close people in our lives.

How many times have you had to return goods that were not the right size/color? How many people thank you for that unwanted gift that they never get to use.

Lets us get into the Christmas spirit today by getting it right. You have enough worry with a shopping list as long as your arm and a credit card bill that you may well be still paying off into the New Year.

Then there's the slaving over a hot stove, presents have to be wrapped and at the end of this hectic schedule you are expected to smile on December the 25th.

What gift can you give to please every member of the family or lover with a guarantee to put a smile on their face?

It does not take Einstein to figure this out.

Item number 1 on a Christmas list to give is a holiday. This way you the bringer of joy gets to celebrate too.

The Christmas festive season is celebrated all over the world so why not enjoy your Xmas on a beach. Millions travel at this time of year because they find it very cost effective when giving all people close to them a Christmas they will never forget

Guarantees are priceless when they come in the form of a smile. Have you ever seen an unhappy holiday maker?

In some cases parents are taken for granted by the kids and are never given a minute thought all because they are busy opening presents. Well that ends on holiday when the kids smother you with hugs and kisses thanking you for the best Christmas ever.

What do you give the kids on Christmas day abroad? A bucket/spade. What to give your lover? A date for your wedding. Grandparents will just love not having to wrap up for warmth.

It is far cheaper to spend Christmas abroad than stay at home. Recap on your list of Christmas duties.

Shopping/Christmas presents/ decorations/lights to be erected/turkey needs stuffing/ trifle to be made/tree and baubles /wrap presents and on top of all this the worry of having forgotten anything.

Get it right and get away.

The best Christmas gift you can give to your self is the satisfying feeling that you got it right.

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