Poetry Frauds

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

My name is Jeffrey Michael Miller and I'm the author of the poetry book entitled " From The Inside Out " by Publishamerica. I want to take this time to talk about some self appointed poetry guru's who freely hand out misleading information. Some of these people that I won't mention by name parade around on every website and forum they can find expressing all their ideas and notions about the world of poetry while they themselves are the very things they are warning you the readers about.

These very same people who give you information on how to become successful in the world of poetry are nobodies themselves with bad reputations that are documented on websites around the internet for being frauds for the most part. Some of these people have been accused of stealing the work of others and they have been ostracized and disowned by their very own publishers but they still come on sites like this hiding the truth about themselves and making it look to you the reader like they are successful and sought after poets with good and informative information.

Do yourself a huge favor and ignore these people dishing out this garbage advice while trying to make other poetry groups and organizations look bad in the process. The reason why some of these people are so very mad and spew this kind of nonsense is because they have never won one single award or recognition from the organizations they are trying to ruin the reputation of. Their work was not seen as being good enough to merit a recognition or award in the free world so these people create their own forums with horrible reputations for all kinds of abuses and nonsense to be spread throughout the poetry world like a bad virus.

They award themselves poet of the month on their very own forums and it's absolutely laughable and they do this because nobody else would award them poet of the month if they didn't do it themselves. If you took the time to look into some of these names you would find case after case of allegations against them so research the source of these poetry articles before you listen to the words of these people.

These people logroll and review one another's books in attempt to look popular and their book sales come from one another with little interest from the general public.They sell to their own forum members who are misleaded into thinking these people are prominent poets when they are in reality laughing stalks of the art.

Don't be fooled by a snake dressed up in bunny rabbits clothing my friends and look into the source of the poetry information you're receiving because the garbage from so called poets out there is rampant. Self promotion and delusions of grandure are the only things they really know about and poetry is far from their knowledge base.

If you prefer to listen to people who name themselves poet of the month on their own forums then please go ahead and do so but to me it stinks and is far from legitimate. Just remember that I warned you when you finally realize who you're reading information from.

Always take time to know the source before you get wrapped up in someone's pretty and deceitful words. The poeple pointing fingers in reality should be pointing to themselves and not deceiving the readers. If it walks and talks like a poetry duck my friends then indeed it is a duck.

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