Sing Me A Love Song On This Valentine?s Day

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

What makes a great love song? The truth is, a songwriter didn?t compose a great love song, a singer didn?t sing a great love song, but the ones who listen to it make it great, especially when two twine together as one ? a romance. We, therefore, are the ones who pick it one in ?Top 10 love songs? or ?Best love songs ever.?
Even my ex-boyfriend and I used to have that as our song - ?Lover, I don?t have to love? by Bright Eyes. It seemed foolish because its song title, lyrics, and even melody are bittersweet and melancholy. We didn?t understand why we were listening to this song over and over, maybe just because we both found it a remarkable rhythm at that time. However, love don?t live here anymore. Now I have to forget the sad tune, find myself a new squeeze who sings me a new ?our song.?

Ah, Valentine?s Day! Every February 14, and during the weeks leading to this day, couples send beautiful flowers, meaningful cards, and sweet chocolates to their darlings and explore their romantic sides. And a perfect dreamy night with serene melodies is the norm. So, sing me a love song and be my Valentine! When your sweetheart comes to say this to you, what song will you choose? There?s no better time than Valentine?s Day to turn our musical choices passionate.

Recently, I?ve heard some wonderful love tracks. So, narrowing down my list to just 10 ?best of? tunes took a lot of thought. If you don?t find your favorites here, send me an email at Now, cool off and sit awhile with me, and read some exciting stuffs about my picks of 10 romantic songs for Valentine?s Day:

1) You And Me (Lifehouse)
It makes my heart melt. There is a sense of peacefulness every time I hear this song. Such a melodious and gifted voice! All in all this is a true gem.

2) The Other Side of the World (KT Tunstall)
This nice radiopop is well crafted and remarkable. What I mean is that I keep remembering this song because I like the way she sings and phrases. A sparkling new singer-songwriter.

3) The Scientist (Coldplay)
The song is beautifully crafted and the unprocessed passion in Martin's voice is almost heartbreaking. The best love song yet! An incredibly moving song!

4) You?re Beautiful (James Blunt)
Just beautiful tune! This piece means so much to me and although I?ve heard it many times I still enjoy listening even now. A unique voice that really stands out.

5) Smooth (Santana featuring Rob Thomas)
This has a nice Santana feel. This smooth song rocks. This awesome Latin song is just sensual and also great to dance with.

6) Wherever You Will Go (The Calling)
If I could make you mine, I?ll go wherever you will go. Thumbs up for the melody.

7) If I Thought You?d Ever Change Your Mind (Agnetha Faltskog)
?And in the winter snow, my songs would keep you from the cold.? The lyrics are soooooooo nice and so is the voice of ABBA. It?s totally enjoyable to hear her crystal clear pure sound once again.

8) Crazy In Love (Eminem)
Love the title and love the song! And oh, the lyrics! Slim Shady finally created a non-classic-rap. It sounds like a poem ?You are the meaning of my existence, ?You're essential to me, You're the air I breathe, I believe if you ever leave me, I'd probably have no reason to be.?

9) The Look Of Love (Diana Krall)
The look of love sees the invisible in the visible and the sound of love is smooth. A gorgeous love song. A cuddle by the fireside with the one you love.

10) When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Westlife featuring Diana Ross)
Westlife is back to raise you up with a new cover of a famous song. Moreover, this song is a nice comeback to the pop ballads that made them well known. Just tell your honey that you adore her or him with this cute tune.

Why don?t you make your own love song CD with ?our song? as a special gift for your significant other on this special occasion? You might want to visit another collection of Top love songs at They are offering full-length downloads of all tracks in the CD.

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