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Posted by Natashawilliams on June 26th, 2017

SMS is regarded as one of the most ideal method to allow notification; definitely it improves level of customer service and enhances shopping know-how. Study shows that SMSs have bigger open rate and read rate than emails and therefore regarded the most authoritative tool to allow SMS alerts. Being aware about the advantages of SMS in E-commerce, allowing and employing this task in Magento is the need of almost each web store owner.

Why SMS?

  • Study shows SMS is the best method for the proficient transmission of details.

  • Customer will be alerted fast, no requirement to think about the Internet availability.

  • Emails can be regarded as SPAM, but not text messages.

  • SMS has more read rate than email all the time.

Magento SMS notification extension provides a complete and powerful method to deliver SMSs to your customers or admin all through different order events taken place in Magento store. Allow your customers to find about their order position change or delivery notification just shipped and get alerts for every new order activity.

Why Select Magento SMS Notification Extension?

  • Send alert messages to customers all through different events in your Magento store.

    • Website sign up

    • Order placement

    • Order status information

    • Order termination

    • Order delivery

    • Order request to return

  • Alternative for admin to fix OTP duration from backend.

  • Admin can make mobile authentication fixed for customers.

  • You can append customized message as SMS text for all occurrences, and can employ different fields.

  • Fix character length and communication for SMS.

  • Check settings to verify the task before delivering SMS.

  • Admin can get listed customer counts in report depending on fixed days, weeks or month.

  • Let customers to send OTP requests once more.

  • Overall history report with information like text SMS, time, SMS components, name and number of the receiver, kind of SMS and status.

  • You can append role and let different user accounts to arrange it.

  • Send SMS to administrator on events such as contact form compliance for query, website sign up, new order position, return application for orders, and order delivery.

  • Quick arrangement: download, set up and deliver SMS.

There are some other methods also available to send SMS such as sending SMS using PHP, Java, HTTP API, etc. These methods are also effective in SMS marketing.

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