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Life is quite unpredictable and if unfortunately you have been charged with criminal charges or you and your family members are being constantly being questioned by police, you need an expert legal advice before answering any questions. You need an attorney to fight for your rights and you have full rights to counsel. Never try to fight alone against severe legal charges without any legal experience or knowledge. Contact and team up with the best criminal lawyers in Memphis like T.Bailey Law office.

Memphis criminal attorneys make their best effort to negotiate the case so that you do not have to enter the courtroom or face any trials. But this step all depends on the severity of the criminal case you have been charged with. Sometimes case gets dismissed before trial so there are good chances that you do not have to face any trial. The major areas where you have to hire a criminal attorney without any second thoughts include; domestic violence, arson, DUI, drug crimes, sex crimes, murder or assault, probation violence, federal and white collar crimes, theft, and violent crimes.

First-time offenders can face extreme results of a DUI conviction, but experienced law office like Taurus Bailey firm can plan and execute productive defense strategies in solving complex cases and know which cases might depend on an illegal stop and which tests may give a false positive reading. In the case of drug crimes, criminal defense lawyer in Memphis, TN often tries to make his best possible efforts in the courtroom to negotiate cases to lower the penalties if not completely eliminating the penalties with respect to some severe drug crimes. Normally, a drug crime cannot be expunged till a defendant becomes eligible for diversion probation.

The consequences of sex crimes on the future of the person can be very severe. The person charge of guilt not only has to pay fine and bear mandatory incarceration for a long time but such type of individual will also be ostracized from his community and faces tough circumstances while searching for new job opportunities or house in any society. In Tennessee, the toughest legal punishments have to be faced by the person who commits any violent crime. The acts like domestic assaults, murder’s, threatening’s with violence, and aggravated assaults fall under violent crimes criteria and Memphis criminal attorneys draft effective and aggressive defense strategy to defend a person against all severe charges.

The criminal defense lawyer in Memphis TN works dedicatedly to offer an effective representation of the clients in the courtroom in order to win their complicated cases. Once you get arrested it would be better to remain silent (according to the Fifth Amendment, if any information you provide to anyone, that could be detrimental to your case and can be held against to you in the courtroom) and hire legal representative as soon as possible.

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