3 Stunning and Creative Window Covering Ideas for a Beach House

Posted by Patel Blinds on June 27th, 2017

Being an interior designer I have always dreamt of designing a beach house.  Since I was a kid and watched “Message in a Bottle”, I wondered how I would have designed such a beautiful home just beside the sea, where you can hear the rush of waves the moment you open your windows; when you can sit on your porch with a coffee mug in your hand, looking at the distant sea and admiring it. Finally, that happened. I got an assignment of designing the interior of a beach house last month. To make the interior of such a house perfect, you need to think of various minute details. What should be the colour scheme of the house, the kind of furniture, rugs, and drapes to be used in the rooms, balustrading, window coverings, everything should be well thought of. So, I had started my homework quite early.

The homeowners, a doctor couple wanted to keep their house contemporary, functional and trendy. That is why, the look was minimal. To create such a look I needed the right type of window coverings for the house. So, here my quest began. Every area of the house needed different treatment for the windows. So, I zeroed on three types of windows that perfectly suited the casual contemporary and easy-breezy charm of the house. What are they? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Sheer Curtains

When you are waking up in a beach house, you surely want to open your eyes in a room that is filled with natural light. But you surely don’t want to wake up to glaring lights that will hurt your eyes. So, if you are thinking of such a room, then opt for sheer curtains for windows. It will never block the wind from the sea. But it will let the light partially come to your room. In fact, it will perfectly stream in the glorious moonlight into the room in the evening. Obviously, a bedroom is the most intimate area in a house. It is a place where you spend quality time with your loved ones, make memories and also take rest. Such a lovely environment will surely add up to that experience and comfort.

Roller blinds

When you are thinking of your living area in a beach house, don’t you wish to have control over your privacy as well as on the amount of natural light and heat coming in? In such a place, during the afternoon when the weather becomes heated, it is necessary to have the protection that will prevent the heat from coming inside the room. blinds Mitcham work perfectly for this. It will let you enjoy complete control over your privacy too.

Venetian Blinds

In a beach house, blocking the sunlight completely is not even a question. But when you are thinking of certain areas like kitchen or bathroom, it is necessary to ensure complete privacy without compromising the light. For such areas, vertical blinds Essendon are a perfect choice. It is a perfect choice especially for bathrooms as it will let the natural light in along with keeping your presence obscure.

You can take inspiration from the above-mentioned points. I am sure you will be able to make your beach house beautiful too with the help of blinds Keilor.

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Geoffrey Clarke is a famous interior designer, blogger and associated designing with roller blinds Mitcham. He has immense knowledge of Blinds Essendonand blinds Keilor. Read his articles to know more about sheer curtains.

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