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Posted by Nick Hansen on June 27th, 2017

The technology is improving day by day. At the same time you see the lifestyles of the improving as well. A decade or two back, you could find people not having a television in their homes. Nowadays, you have people with television in each room of their houses. In addition, you have the computers working 24 X 7. The mobile phones are a constant companion. Maybe the only time a person’s eyes gets rest is the time he sleeps at night. However, prior to retiring to bed, the last thing a person checks is the mobile phone. Similarly, the mobile phone is the first thing he touches in the morning. Under such circumstances, it is natural for people to develop vision problems. However, a visit to the family optometry should set things right.

We have discussed a very common problem faced by people today. There is a medical term for this ailment. The name is Digital Eye strain. This is a fairly recent ailment. One can say that this ailment is a byproduct of the digital age. Let us look at the ailment in general as to what causes the same and what the methods of cure are.

Prolonged exposure of the eyes to the digital screen such as television, computers, and mobile phones can cause this problem. In this age, one cannot avoid this exposure but one can take the requisite precautions. Let us see the circumstances under which a person can suffer from digital eye strain.

Statistics throw up the following astonishing data.

- An average person looks at approximately three kinds of digital screens on a daily basis. This can be mobile phones, computers, and televisions, etc.

- On an average, a person looks up to his phone or iPads at least 60 times a day.

- The working habits of people force them to spend a minimum of twelve hours a day in front of a digital screen.

Such prolonged exposure can naturally cause digital eye strain. It makes no difference whether you use glasses or not. These screens emit a lot of ultraviolet radiation that can penetrate through the glasses as well. Staring at these screens can bring about the following symptoms.

- Dry eyes: Staring at these screens for a long time can cause your tears to dry up. This is because you reduce your rate of blinking when staring at these screens for a long time.

- Eye fatigue: Continuous exposure to this radiation can cause redness of the eyes as well as back pain. They require immediate treatment. The family optometrists is the best person to cater to such problems.

- Headaches: Naturally, any kind of eye strain can cause headaches. You can find excruciating pain at the side of your temples.

This is how you take care to protect your eyes.

- Take regular breaks while staring at the screen. Look elsewhere and always work in good lighting.

- You can use screen guards that can reduce the glare from the screens.

- The use of specialized lenses can also help a great deal in these circumstances.


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