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Posted by Ayesha Jaiswal on June 27th, 2017

The stock market is the largest place where a number of transaction has been done on daily basis. Investment in stock market is easy as well as challenging.One needs to become a smart investor while trading in stock market.Only a smart investor can make money in the market by following basic rules and new trends of market. Every investor has their own strategy to make money in share market.They follow every second movement of market to build a strong strategy and to ascertain right time for investing.An investor also take these efficient strategies from market experts.


Stock market investment is not easy for you if you don't have fundamental knowledge about stock trading. Intelligent traders always know how to manage their money and how to earn profit from share market investment.Traders should take genuine stock tips from financial experts to boost their profit because financial experts procured quality tips which are specially prepared by their research team by using the latest software.


To minimise risk, an investor should know how to control situations and manage loss in the stock market.Here I am trying to enlighten some golden rules for stock market trading which would help traders to trade smartly.These rules are effective while doing trading in the market.


1.Do not invest in single stock only -

Please do not invest all your money in a single stock.If you are trading the first time and don't know the basic rules how to trade in stocks, then more than 10% of investment at once may be harmful to your wealth.You should distribute your amount in an equal partition and then invest it, from this you can minimise chances of loss in the market.Instead of investing in one share only, you should invest your money in a different segment. It will control your risk factor as well.



2.Do not invest all your money at once -

Instead of investing all your money at a single time, you should check your profit earning capability by investing a part of your money in the market.It will be beneficial and you can control loss easily.If you are new in trading you can also take advice from market experts as they provide efficient stock tips, market call recommendations and the right time to invest to the investor so that they can invest in their suitable segments.



3.Be patient, do not take emotional decisions -

Sometimes we take decisions emotionally.Many investors facing loss in the market just because they don;t know how to control emotions while trading.”Do not let your emotions control your decisions”

This is very important for every investor because many people hear that a stock market is a place where you can make money easily in short period, so people think they can trade easily and they invest without thinking about fundamental rules.So instead of rushing fast, keep patience, think twice before putting your money in a stock.


4.Expect the reality only -

I am not saying that expecting good profit is wrong but being greedy is wrong.You could be in trouble if you have totally unrealistic financial goals from share market investment.

For example- Lots of stock provide a better return on investment but we can not expect the same performance every expect what is really achievable.


5.Monitor stock market regularly -

This is very important to take a short review of the market every morning, you can read newspapers, daily reports given by financial experts or you can take expert stock tips, stock futures tips if you are trading in futures.It is important because the market changes frequently and to keep balance you have to update yourself with the market news.


6.Don't buy and sell without any specific reasons-

Never become baseless in trading. You must have certain goals for your investment.You should have some strong reason for buying and selling any stocks. Do not sell or buy in a hurry because stock price changes every time.You should first decide the expected amount of profit, do not be greedy while trading it may be harmful for you in future.

As the rule says “first cut your losses and then let your profit run”


Trading in share market is an excellent way to earn money but everything happens under some rules and we have to maintain ourselves according to these rules.No one can suddenly start trading, first you should develop those skills, ability to understand the market, then you can start investing.Stock market trading is easy but earning is not easy for everyone.

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