Advantages of cork flooring

Posted by sylver on June 27th, 2017

Cork flooring has become quite a popular option for homeowners and business owners alike and it is important understanding its advantages. It is quite resistant to start with and it comes directly from the bark of the tree. Compared with regular wood where trees are cut down; cork is removed without causing any damage to the tree. Those concerned about the environment will gladly adopt cork flooring tiles, especially since they come in a wide variety of colors, designs and patterns

People usually compare flooring materials and search for various features, some looking at the aesthetical aspect, while others at durability or price. This is why all aspects have to be considered and the truth is that cork flooring tiles are highly comfortable and appealing. Materials are lightweight and they are water-resistant, being suitable for bathroom or basement installations as well. Due to increased interest in cork flooring, manufacturers have developed a variety of designs and colors, allowing people to personalize their space in the most intriguing ways possible.

Among other features worth pointing out about cork flooring includes: fire-resistant capabilities, being a great noise insulator, soft and resistant to rot. Few other flooring materials can live up to the expectations and actually meet all these demands. Cork flooring tiles will certainly add value to your property and will enhance its looks and its durability. Being a great insulator, cork allows people saving more when it comes to bills, being ideal for families with children and for businesses that want to save money in the long-term. With proper maintenance, you can expect the material to last for many years. This does not mean you have to care for it daily, but there are somethings to keep track of.

Besides technical characteristics, one should know that cork flooring is also beneficial for health as its anti-microbial. With great resistance to mold, insects and mildew, there is less to worry about and people with allergies will certainly appreciate cork flooring tiles. The air quality within a property is not influenced by this type of floor, because it does not produce volatile organic compounds. In the unfortunate case of a fire, you can be sure that cork will reach combustion only when it reaches high temperatures. Even at that time, the amount smoke is produced in a small quantity.

When one comes to think about cork flooring and measure all features and aspects about such flooring options, one will come to the conclusion that it is worth it from all points of view. A property can look good and become protected from various factors, all thanks to a single material. On the market these days there are several providers of cork floors and they offer a variety of designs to choose from and types of tiles, depending on what one is looking for the most.

Are you familiar with cork flooring? If not, you should certainly look into cork flooring tiles and find a reliable provider that does not disappoint.

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