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Refractory materials generally refers to the degree of fire in the 1580 C or more inorganic non-metallic materials, including natural ore (refractory raw materials) and according to a certain purpose and requirements, according to a certain process to produce a variety of products (fire resistance), with a certain degree of high temperature mechanical properties and good volume stability. Refractory materials are steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, building materials, machinery, electric power, environmental protection and even national defense and other important basic materials, but also a variety of high temperature industrial furnaces and equipment indispensable support materials. Technological progress of refractory materials plays an important role in the development of high temperature industry.

Type of refractory material:

1.Acidic refractory material usually refers to SiO2 content of more than 93% of the refractory materials. Its major characteristicis that it can resist the erosion of acidic slag at high temperature, but easy to react with basic slag. Acid refractory materials commonly used silica brick and clay brick.

2.Basic refractory material generally refers to Magnesium Oxide or Magnesium Oxide and calcium oxide as the main component of refractory materials. This kinds of refractory material has higher refractoriness, and it can resist basic slag.

3.Alumina silicate refractory is the refractory material which is mainly composed of SiO2 - Al2O3, according to the content of its Al2O3 can be divided into semi-siliceous (Al2O3 15 ~ 30%), clay (Al2O3 30 ~ 48%), high Aluminum (Al2O3 greater than 48%)

4.The fused cast refractory is a refractory product with a certain shape, which is melted by a certain method to melt the batch at high temperature.

5.Neutral refractory is refractory material which is not easy to react with acid or basic slag at high temperature. Such as carbon refractory and chrome refractory. Some of these materials are also attributed to this kind of Neutral refractory.

6.Special refractories are new inorganic non-metallic materials developed on the basis of traditional ceramics and general refractory materials.

7.Unshaped refractory is a mixture of refractory aggregate and powder, binder or other admixture, which can be used directly or after proper liquid mixing.

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Generality High Alumina Brick and Clay Brick

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