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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Beirut Tour

Posted by imholly in Other on June 28th, 2017

Beirut, the capital city, has been the commercial and financial hub of Lebanon since its independence. Beirut is a cosmopolitan, multilingual and culturally diverse city which is visited by a large number of visitors for its historical sites, amazing nightlife, natural places, and excellent food.

If you ever happen to be in this place, here we tell you how to make the most of your trip.

Beirut nightlife

Beirut is a nightlife hub and hosts loads of events in exciting venues. Lebanon nightlife promises a lifetime memorable fun with stylish clubs, beach parties, outdoor rooftops and so on. Therefore, never forget to be a part of Beirut’s nightlife while you are here. Join parties, meet diverse people and have a plenty of fun.


Lebanese food is famous all over the world for its yummy delights. In Lebanon, you can find everything you can think of – from authentic dishes to international cuisine. Make sure to hang out in a pleasing ice-cream parlor, or to take some quick bites in a neighborhood food joint.


The hotel industry in Beirut is well developed, and there is room for everyone. One gets a broad range of options including student room, convent lodging, luxury hotels, budget rooms, lavish suite rooms, hostels, lodges and apartment in Beirut, Lebanon. Available in broad price ranges, you will find no difficulty in locating an excellent accommodation for yourself.

A historical tour

There are a large number of historical sites to visit in Lebanon. Though it is impossible to visit all of them, you can take a tour of all major ancient monuments, artifacts, and places of Beirut, Sour, Saida, Byblos, and Tripoli. Visit these sites and take a look of the rich past of Lebanon.

Natural beauty

Lebanon has plenty of panoramic mountaintops that promise a lot of fun activities. With spectacular waterfalls and exhilarating activities, they invite a number of visitors from all around the world. Make sure that you enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, hanging out in restaurants and picnic spots. You can also spend some memorable time in campsites and natural reserves.


Gorgeous beaches lined up against the Mediterranean Sea are one of the not-to-be-missed parts of Lebanon. From north to south, there are beautiful coasts, sand, rock, cliff and everything you need to enjoy a beach vacation.

Diversity in culture, history, people, food, and geography, makes Lebanon unique and an awesome place to visit. Make sure to churn out maximum enjoyment out of your tour while you are in Beirut.

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