How to Restore WordPress from Backup

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Today we are sharing an article on the topic “How to Restore WordPress from Backup” does one got to restore WordPress from a backup file?  Backup and Recovery Is most Important  Backups assist you restore your website just in case onething goes wrong. However, restoring WordPress from a computer file isn't straightforward for beginners. during this article, we are going to show you the way to simply restore WordPress from backup step by step.

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Understanding Backups and Restoring WordPress


There are alternative ways to make backups for your WordPress website. The most effective thanks to produce a backup is by employing a WordPress backup plugin.Alternately, you'll conjointly produce manual backup of your WordPress information and transfer your WordPress files victimization FTP.

Restoring WordPress from backups depends entirely on however you created the backup. as an example, backups created victimization BackupBuddy or UpdraftPlus is fixed by victimization a similar plugin. Similarly, manual backups got to be manually fixed.

A lot of WordPress users don’t backup their entire websites. Instead, they solely backup their theme, uploads directory, and their WordPress information. This reduces their backup size, however will increase the steps required to revive the positioning.

No matter however you created your backup, the fundamental steps ar a similar.

Let’s take a glance at a way to restore your WordPress website from backup. Since we’re covering completely different restore ways, please skip to the section that applies to you.


Restoring WordPress from BackupBuddy computer file


BackupBuddy may be a standard premium WordPress backup plugin. If you used BackupBuddy to make backups, then this section is for you.

BackupBuddy offers a really convenient thanks to restore WordPress from a backup. you would like to login to your WordPress website and visit BackupBuddy » Restore/Migrate page.


Restoring WordPress victimization UpdraftPlus Backup


UpdraftPlus is another standard WordPress backup plugin. It permits you to simply backup and restore your WordPress website.

First you would like to form positive that you simply have a whole backup of your WordPress website created by UpdraftPlus. Next, you would like to transfer the backup files to your laptop.

If your backups are keep by UpdraftPlus on a far off storage location like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, then you can download your backup files from those locations to your computer.

Next, you need to connect to an FTP client and delete all WordPress files. After that you need to install WordPress again and login to your website.

You will need to install and activate the UpdraftPlus plugin. Upon activation, visit Settings » UpdraftPlus Backups page and click on the Restore button.


Restoring WordPress Database from Backup using phpMyAdmin


When restoring a manually created backup, you may come across two possible choices. You can either create a new database and import your backup into it, or you can empty your existing database and import backup.

If you are cleaning a hacked WordPress website, then it is very important to change your MySQL username and password before creating a new database or importing into existing database.

To create a new database, login to the cPanel dashboard of your WordPress hosting account and click on the MySQL Databases icon.


Restoring WordPress Database Backup using cPanel


If you manually created a WordPress database backup using the cPanel on your shared hosting, then you can also restore that database using cPanel.

Log into your cPanel account and under the files section click on Backup.

Manually Restoring WordPress Files using FTP


If you are restoring WordPress to clean up a hacked website, then you initially got to delete all existing WordPress files and directories.

Only try this if your backup is up to date, and you have got everything custom-made , changed, or uploaded on your web site.

If you have got all of your uploads and customizations, then you'll safely delete everything on your web site victimization cpanel (way faster) or victimization FTP.

To delete all files from your web site, login to the cPanel of your hosting / VPS hosting and beneath files section click on the file manager icon.


Troubleshooting WordPress Backup Restore problems


There are some common issues that you simply could bump into once restoring your WordPress website. we've got separate guides for every of them.

Error establishing a information affiliation

White Screen of Death

Internal Server Error

Login Page Redirect or Refresh issue

Single Posts returning 404 Error

Things to try to to when Restoring your WordPress website


Once you have got with success fixed your web site, we have a tendency to powerfully suggest that you simply improve your web site security.

If you haven’t done this already, please certify that you simply have a daily WordPress backup with one in all these WordPress backup plugins.

For securing your web site, we are going to suggest that you simply right away modification your WordPress countersign. If you're running a multi-user web site, then raise all users to update their passwords right away.

You can conjointly install an internet site firewall. At WPBeginner, we have a tendency to use Sucuri to watch and strengthen security of our web site. It monitors for security threats, and that they conjointly supply malware removal service with their subscription plans. See however Sucuri helped USA block 450,000 attacks in three months.

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