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Accurate and cost saving POE Clocks are perfect time pieces for institutions

Posted by johnflair125 on June 29th, 2017

What is the difference between a manual clock and a POE clock? Manual clocks are operated and synchronized manually whereas the POE clocks operate themselves and without the need of an operator. POE or power over Ethernet clock is powered by internet hence they don’t need any manual assistance as it will connect to your existing network and update itself with accurate timing obtained from GPS. The POE clock has several salient features to offer to the users and one of them is that they are maintenance free and can be centrally controlled from your existing computer network.

They provide accurate time using the satellite updates which they are able to receive regularly, hence prove to be highly useful in combining with the manual bell systems that are essentially deployed in K-12 schools. The POE clocks are highly useful for hospitals, golf courses, government buildings, manufacturing units, and other establishments where occupants need to be reminded of the time and starting and closing of work sessions. The clock system is versatile for a medical Center where a number of corridors and halls are found and clocks with two sides or four sides would be perfect time pieces as they are likely to cover all directions. POE clocks can be ordered in different shapes and designs and in analog as well as digital makes. The analog clocks with big dials can be easily hooked to the existing internet network and operated, whereas the digital clocks would prove to be perfect time tellers as they could be sighted from the other end of the corridors, junctions, golf courses, playgrounds and stadiums.

Since these clocks are internet powered there is not much you need to do as they will keep ticking on without your help and will also activate bells if you require sound alert at your premises. Some of the clock systems come with solar panels hence you don’t need to provide them with power connection or batteries. These are outdoor clocks that draw solar power through their panels and store enough to run non-stop. These clocks are maintenance free, self-synchronizing, free standing, wall mounted and self-sustaining so they save lots of costs, time and labor for your organization.

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