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Posted by Wen on June 30th, 2017

Two years ago, a whopping 37.5 percent of his NBA Live Mobile Coins offensive plays ended in isolations or post-ups, per Last year, that number fell to 26.2 percent. This year, it's all the way down at 22.2 percent, with only 8.7 percent on isolations. That's good for Memphis, because the last thing they need is a worse version of Gay. They need a floor-spacer that can function without plays being run for him, and increasingly, that's becoming Prince's niche.Prince's shooting numbers this year are also encouraging. He's hitting over 43 percent of his three-pointers this year, a number way out of line with his previous percentages.

The sample size is small, and Prince could easily regress, but if he can hit even 39 percent of his threes, he'll open up the floor considerably. Gay shot only 31 percent on three-pointers this year, and that shortcoming allowed his defender to cheat off him to help on Randolph and Gasol in the post. Prince should be an upgrade here.Throw in Prince's obvious defensive strengths -- he's regressed since his glory days of 2004, but he's still at least as good as Gay -- and the Grizzlies have clarified their offensive pecking order while maintaining or even enhancing their stifling defense.Don't sleep on Ed Davis either

The Grizzlies' frontcourt is crowded with Randolph, Gasol and ace reserve Darrell Arthur, but Davis will find minutes. He had really emerged since Andrea Bargnani's injury, averaging nearly 13 points and eight rebounds on 55 percent shooting as a starter. It was especially fun watching him and Amir Johnson emerge -- per, only one Raptors two-man duo with more minutes (Davis and DeMar DeRozan) had a higher net rating than the Davis/Johnson combo. Davis might be the best player in this deal soon, and while he may not play a ton initially, he's the obvious long-term solution once Randolph's contracts runs out ... or sooner.Austin

Daye can help too, though he'll probably find Buy NBA 2K18 MT himself behind Quincy Pondexter on Hollins' depth chart. Nevertheless, he's not useless.The only way this could backfire is if everyone in that locker room loses their spirit. Hollins was vocal in his support for Gay, and the players all liked him too. To them, this simply looks like a salary dump, and that's going to be tough to take.But you also never know how teams respond to situations like this. Sometimes, they fold up shop and go through the motions. Sometimes, they feel inspired and play harder because they want to prove people wrong. When the Thunder dealt

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