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Posted by Annyer on June 30th, 2017

According to the official latest news, the Star Wars: The Old Republic team has released the first Cartel Pack of the Summer. The Dread Warlord Cartel Pack brings new features into the game like armor, mounts, weapons, and more. Are you expecting for it? Do you want to get the detailed information? Be patient, just pay attention to this post.


As one of the best SWTOR Credits US selling websites, we would like to share the the newest features for you. Are you ready to start your adventure? Here let’s have a closer look:

1. Dread Warlord: New Item Pack
Dread Warlord is live now. Want to speed your way across the galaxy? Take aim with the exotic Wentross Bowcaster and use the Kurai Intimidator, and much more! You will get them at special discount prices before Tuesday, July 4:

Dread Warlord Pack - the price down from 300 Cartel Coins to 250 Cartel Coins.
Supercrate: 5 Dread Warlord Packs - the price down from 1,500 Cartel Coins to 1,185 Cartel Coins.
Hypercrate: 26 Dread Warlord Packs - the price down from 7,800 Cartel Coins to 5,850 Cartel Coins.

2. Thexan Armor: Direct Sale Armor
The Armor Cheap sale is ONE WEEK ONLY from Tuesday, June 27 to Tuesday, July 4. The price falls to 648 Cartel Coins from its original level of 1,440 Cartel Coins.

Don the battle armor of Zakuul’s most revered, fallen prince. Available this week only at 55% off.

3. Character Rename: Direct Sale Unlock
The Rename is cheap sale just ONE WEEK ONLY during Tuesday, June 27 - Tuesday, July 4. The price goes down to 600 Cartel Coins from its original level of 1,200 Cartel Coins.

If you need a fresh name change to enhance $k3&f5f your character, just take time to do it during Tuesday, June 27 - Tuesday, July 4! Don’t miss the HALF off before July 4. As a SWTOR fan, it is a good time to strengthen your game. What are you waiting for? Just enjoy your game! Of course, if you need SWTOR Credits EU, our site is definitely your best choice. Now huge awesome safe and fast SWTOR Credits for sale, buy them from us enjoying extra 5% free bonus!

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