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Posted by MidAmericaEngine on June 30th, 2017

Having a generator is a handy solution in situations where grid power is not readily available. A generator can also provide backup power in case of outages or emergencies, and can be used for reducing electricity costs during city grid peak hours (peak shaving). Keeping your generator in tip top condition, therefore, is important to ensure that it can provide reliable power whenever you need it. To do so, it is vital that you have a proper generator maintenance and servicing schedule in place. 

Generators, however large or small they may be, require constant maintenance to keep them in peak running condition. Regular tune ups and inspections should be done at least twice a year, and perhaps even more if your generator set sees a lot of use. This ensures that you can spot any faults or issues early on, repair them, and prevent a more catastrophic breakdown (which can be costlier down the line). A damaged generator will not efficiently put out the amount of power it is rated with, so keeping yours in top form maximizes its output and ultimately saves you money on fuel and running costs. 

Like any other machine with moving parts, a generator requires proper lubrication. This is very important. Parts with poor lubrication create a lot of friction and heat, causing undue stress. This eventually wears your moving parts down much quicker. Excess heat can also damage other parts of your generator and cause it to seize up. Good lubrication allows your generator parts to run smoother, cooler, and operate more efficiently. 

The main part that creates electrical power in a generator is called an alternator. This device converts mechanical motion into electrical energy. Alternators have to be kept clean and free from dust or dirt to keep them functioning properly. Worn down contact points should be replaced to ensure that there is a proper connection between wires and electrical components. Alternator rotors rotate at very high speeds so bearings and rotor shafts must also be well lubricated and inspected for any sign of damage. 

Need generator repair and service? It is best to have your generator serviced and maintained by a reputable company with professional technicians and experts to ensure that your generator delivers top performance when you need it. 

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