How a Tax Advisor Can Save You Extra Pounds

Posted by Amit Gupta on June 30th, 2017

The success of any company is a factor of its leadership, its people, and its finances. How you manage your taxes and run your financial affairs can either set you up for victory or failure. Having a tax advisor on board can save you from pitfalls caused by weak tax planning.

Analysts say that more than 75% of companies today pay more taxes than they actually should because of uninformed or poor tax planning. Even if you already have a solid accounting team that gives you the benefit of having a steady handle on the maintenance of your books, you might need an expert advisor—sometimes an outsider— to review your current system and see what can be improved. A tax advisorwill be able to give invaluable insight as to how you can maximise your taxes and make them work for you by formulating novel strategies to counter the challenges that your business might face. With the proper advice, you can make more informed judgements and reclaim the finances that would otherwise be lost to inefficiencies in your tax structure.

A tax advisor can help you identify, establish and implement the correct tax strategy for your company. These strategies will vary from one to another because each company’s situation has its own peculiarities. For example, is your current payroll system problematic? Your advisor should be able to guide you in working out what tax credits and benefits they may be entitled to—which can be tricky to do without expert assistance especially because of the recent welfare changes. Are you facing complicated financial situations triggered by an expansion, or perhaps a merger? A tax consultant can help you minimise taxes while remaining compliant with regulations.

With an expert consultant’s evaluation, you can create something of a rolling business plan that takes into account the financial changes that your company might encounter. Once you have a deeper understanding and analysis of your company’s current financial situation, you can make sound forecasts, practically peer into the future, and plan for the long haul to keep ahead of the curve. With good forecasting, you can also measure how the business is performing, make sense of raw data, and implement any necessary adjustments to your strategy as you go along.

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