Primary Reasons Why You Must Choose WIFI Clocks For Your Establishment

Posted by Chomko LA on June 30th, 2017

Clocks are time tellers and they must be deployed in the most vantage points of an establishment, homes, streets, golf courses, manufacturing units and public utility facilities so people are able to keep track of time. The manually keyed up clocks are no more in vogue except where people or businesses that are not aware of them. Now you have wifi clocks which are the latest in time management and synchronization that keep a network of clocks providing accurate time throughout.

  • A wifi clock needs no human assistance once it has been installed because it automatically synchronizes accurate time with the GPS system and generally takes care of itself with its advanced technology. The introduction of solar panels to the clocks have replaced the need to charge them frequently as they have become self generative of power.  This is one of the main worry and it has been taken care of the new wifi technology inducted clocks.
  • You don’t have to spread wires all over the place such as a big campus, stadium, golf course, and public park. Cables running all over and above the ground can look ugly and cumbersome as they will get entangled with pedestrians and likely to cause breakage or human injury. The wifi clock has effectively eliminated these prospects.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi network in your institution or playground the clocks can be easily installed and they could be lone-standing or wall mounted. The clocks can be two sided or four sided making it convenient for everyone concerned to sight the time from all directions. It is especially useful in hospitals and educational institutions. The clocks can be easily controlled from your computer system and don’t need to attend it every day. It is versatile of use and wifi clocks use very little bandwidth of the internet thus they are frugal and economical.
  • You don’t need to doubt about the accuracy of the wifi clock because it derives it time from GPS satellites fed time or NTP (Network Time Protocol) which is very powerful. In general after installing wifi clocks you can simply forget about tending to them as they will be under one central control.

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