Diploma In Business Management: Stepping Stone To Your Dream Job

Posted by Rajiv Partap Singh on June 30th, 2017

If you want to glean on problem-solving skills or decision-making and job operation techniques, what you need is to take a business course. Business management revolves around the basics of running an organisation e.g. planning, controlling, monitoring, leadership, and organising. It prepares students for the competitive career full of enterprising and management. Business management courses in NZ cover a diverse array of subjects such as financial accounting, marketing, human resource management, business communication, economics, project management, among others.


Objectives of the course

  • Instilling rational and strategic thinking in students

  • Equipping learners with managerial skills for different business entities

  • Teaching business environment

  • Help graduates know how to manage resources in relation to the technological dynamics

  • Enhance the skills necessary for both private and public sectors

  • Prepare scholars to carry out further studies in related fields

  • Facilitate research frameworks that seek solutions to modern issues facing businesses


List of classes

Principles of Management

This is a fundamental course that starts in the first year of college. It carries a lot of subjects as listed below:


  • Management basics: It is an introductory chapter that covers roles of a manager, functions of management, and levels of management.

  • Organising: In management, one is required to have special skills in business structures, modern and traditional organisational designs, job specialisation, and informal organisations.

  • Leadership theories: These are basically the principles of leadership learnt from Fiedler's contingency concept and Machiavellianism theory. Situational leadership is also covered.

  • Strategic management: It entails organisational decision-making strategies, risks and uncertainty, PERT analysis, and quantitative decision making.

  • International and contemporary management issues: Students are taught the qualities of international business people, ethics, globalisation, social responsibilities, and regional integrations.

  • Managerial Communication: Students learn the necessary skills for public speaking, overseeing, and how to address adversaries. There are other tenets of interpersonal communication learnt such as group decision making as well as listening skills.

  • Work transformations: The subject explores how the corporate world deals with work dynamics and how employees are affected.

  • Project management: This is a topic that teaches people how to identify viable business ventures and how to choose effective stakeholders. It emphasises the need for encouraging contributions of stakeholders.

  • Management practices: Lessons covered include organisational culture, leadership and motivation, budgeting, employee development, human resources, and other aspects of management.

  • Business Analysis: It delved deep into business modelling, project management, information technology etc.

  • Economics: Possible topics are macro and micro economics, international trade, statistics, calculus and econometrics.


Business management courses in NZ offer versatile skills that open windows of opportunities in future. Taking this course equips you with expertise in entrepreneurship and offers you a competitive advantage in the corporate world. Note that if you don’t have time for full-time courses offered at a university or college, you may opt for online programs from which you learn the course at your own pace using special software packages and materials.

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