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Posted by JESSICA SMITH on June 30th, 2017

India is one of the world’s most disaster-prone areas. For emergency response system, India has a system of multiple toll-free numbers. The word ‘emergency’ originated from Latin word ‘emergere’ which means ‘arise, bring to light’.

Emergency services as “the set of specialized agencies that have specific responsibilities and objectives in serving and protecting people and property in emergency situations.” Emergency services include agencies such as civil protection authorities, police, and fire, ambulance, and paramedic and emergency medicine services”.

Soon in all cases the focus will quickly turn to fulfilling the basic humanitarian needs of the affected population. This assistance may be provided by local, state, national or international agencies and organizations. Immediate response phase of an emergency may commence with early warning, evacuation and search and rescue (SAR) activities. Effective and efficient early warning may prove life-saving to the community.

Smart planning, talented people, and well-designed adaptive communication / information networks are needed. The issue is designing new virtual organizations and communities that will change existing organizations and the way things are done. Provides a complete record and accountability for the recovery process. It provides a complete record and accountability for the recovery process.

Gone are the days when institutions and authorities had to rely on static and prearranged emergency plans hoped that word of mouth and speakerphones would transmit their instructions to an often frightened public. Instead they are now able to transmit up-to-date instructions which can be adjusted to meet a variety of situations and can be delivered as a consistent message to all affected people. This ultimately increases public safety and emergency response systems and leads to saved lives.

Institutions and emergency services can use digital signage in a variety of ways:

  • Provide visual and dynamic demonstrations of current escape routes
  • Communicate with large crowds of people in a consistent and clear manner
  • Provide real-time information on the crisis as it unfolds
  • Allow for varied messages for people in different areas of the venues
  • Use the signage for a variety of other uses and communications during non-emergency times

    Essentially digital signage can allow rescue, crowd management and crowd communication efforts to be infinitely more efficient and effective in a cost-effective manner, resulting in increased public safety. These are just some examples of the ways can be used to increase public safety in times of emergency.

Today communities are exposed to increased hazards associated with industry, crime, and proximity to natural risks such as wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and severe weather conditions. Increased exposure means emergency response requests are more frequent, complex, and dangerous. These demands for public safety require sophisticated, computerized systems to manage the volume of information needed for a safe and effective response by our law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical personnel.

With enhanced capabilities, this solution can also be used as a Command and Control solution for Disaster Management.

It can interface with:

  • Portable T-GeoCADS (Tetra GeoCADS)
  • Land and Coastal Control Room Solution
  • CCTV for City Surveillance and Traffic Management
  • CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Networks and Systems)

    We can often hear long distance relatives being uncomfortable with the fact that their aged or/and ailing parents and grandparents who are living far away from them are surviving without any immediate professional help in times of dire emergency. This lack of proper care can cause the patient to lie on the floor for days at a stretch which will obviously worsen the medical scenario even leading the patient to get hospitalized.

Thanks to today's advanced, easy-mechanized medical alarm devices such serious worries can be eliminated from the patient's minds and their loved ones can live with a relieved mindset too.
Very few of us likes to depend on others, most of us like to stay independent.
Now you can also stay at your home without anyone's help
the medical alert systems are a handy, convenient and reliable and you can communicate easily with the base station for help in cases of accidents and any type of attacks.

Pointing out that the current emergency response system in India was not appropriate, people call up emergency number, normally police helpline 100, only to get diverted to other departments, which delays response time. “Having a single emergency number will ensure that a person in distress does not gets diverted to other department or agency…the person manning the emergency number would take the call and then alert the department concerned, police, fire, medical or disaster management.

Today, there were separate emergency numbers and helplines in most states. For instance, for police a person dials 100 and 101 for fire emergency. Similarly, for medical emergency the helpline is 102 or 108 in many states. “We want to make the new emergency mechanism a hi-tech one where all calls would be registered in a computerized system that would track the geographic location of the caller and then alert the closest PCR, fire or ambulance fitted with GPS system to reduce response time. All this would have to be completed within a standard response time.”

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