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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

If you have an artistic hand and you like to add a personal touch to gift a birthday card then it is very simple to make on at your home. It will require some materials that are usually found at home and time of minimum 15 minutes. Cards craft book helps you in making cards with minimum efforts.

Many times it also happens that you don?t find the right card of your choice and so it is a great idea to craft one of your own. You should collect materials such as a white blank card, birthday border sticker, happy birthday sticker, birthday cake sticker, red balloon stickers, green gift box stickers, blue birthday candle stickers, green birthday candle stickers, yellow birthday candle stickers, blue double note sticker, red double note sticker, yellow single note sticker, red single note sticker, green single note sticker, red bold tip pen.

Instructions for making a birthday card
1. First cut the border sticker from the sheet of stickers. Then cut the border in half and center one half of the border at the top of the card. Once you are satisfied with the look, peel the sticker from the back and press it to the card in the predetermined spot. Center and attach the other half of the border sticker to the bottom of the card.

2. Then center and attach the Happy Birthday sticker below the top border.

3. Next center and attach the Birthday cake sticker below the happy birthday sticker but remember to leave enough room to write the name of the recipient.

4. Now arrange and attach a red balloon sticker on either side of the happy birthday sticker.

5. Then arrange and attach two blue candle stickers slightly above and to the left of the red balloon sticker on the left hand side. Line up a green candle sticker with the closest candle sticker and press it to the card. Attach another green candle sticker next to it with the same spacing between them as between the two blue ones. Repeat with the remaining set of candle stickers, that is the yellow ones.

6. Arrange and attach the double and single note stickers above, beside and below the red balloon sticker on the right.

7. Arrange and attach a green gift box on either side of the cake and then press into place.

8. Write the name of the recipient when you are ready to give the card to someone.

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