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Posted by Frankie Carle on July 1st, 2017

Power lift chairs are based on lifting mechanism that enables the chair to be pushed entirely from the bottom of the chair. They provide the best comfort and relaxation to tits users. Power lift chairs facilitate the user to switch from seating posture to other positions with the help of a remote. These power lift chairs can also lift up the user in a standing position. These chairs are useful for those people who have problems with their knees, hips, joints and those who are suffering from arthritis.

Three types of power chairs are available readily and easily in the market namely two position lift chair, three position lift chair and infinite position.

• Two-position lift chairs are low-priced and economical; they provide reclining backrest with an angle of 45-degree recline. These chairs are used for casual purposes such as reading, watching TV, etc. these chairs do not accommodate much of space and can be set close to walls.

• Three-position lift chairs are trendy and have their best use for experiencing a relaxed nap. They are very comfortable and can be brought almost to a flat position which makes it apt to take a nap. Few advanced three position lift chairs also have features of heat and massage which is beneficial for senior people.

• Infinite position lift chairs as the name suggests has the capability of multitasking and can be transformed into various positions catering the needs of the user with all the advanced features of heat and massage. These chairs are suitable for those users who spend most of their time on the chair and can take various positions according to the users need. These chairs are suitable for low BP patients.

With the vast variety of options available making the right choice of the chair is something that you have to excel at. There can be various factors such as Purpose and usage, Accommodation in the house, Price, Colours and fabrics, features that have to be taken into consideration before buying the chair.

Selection of your comfort:

Selecting the best suitable chair to cater your needs may be a bit complicated due to the numerous options available, so it is better that you stick to your needs and purpose of buying the chair and then choose it wisely.


There is a wide variety of options available for a power lift chair having different uses and objectives. But to be a wise buyer one must choose the chair that suits their needs and that can fit comfortably in their house with the apt colour and fabrics to match their home decor.

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