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Treats are an amazing way to train your pet and reward them for good behaviour. In fact, every pet deserves a treat; yes even the naughty ones too! These adorable animals and their love for treats are just too adorable. But before you end up buying everything that your pet store owner claims to be the best, take a moment to consider – are you making the right choice here? How much do you really know about pet treats to make an informed purchase? Can the wrong treat actually harm your beloved animal? Don’t worry – all your apprehensions here and genuine and this article will try and resolve most of them. Here is everything you need to know about healthy pet treats so you can determine which is the right one for your best friend!

Types of pet treats

The market for pet treats is genuinely quite varied and it is easy for a pet parent to get confused on what is best for their furry little pal. There are meat based products, chewable, dental-friendly treats and even simple and tasty biscuits that your pet can enjoy as a reward for being good. Here are some options that you can consider:

Meat based pet treats

Meats based treats are the best for your pets as they have the right amount of nutrition that the animal requires to grow and survive. Turkey, dried salmon, jerky or a fish-based treats are the usual, most recommended options for pets. Chicken, honey and high protein content helps in strengthening the animal, ensuring agility and athleticism, improves digestion and enhances the quality of their coat.

 Easy-to-chew pet treats

These are perfect for pets that either have dental problems, have aged enough to experience tooth loss, are small in size, puppies just off their mother’s milk and even pets who just don’t like to chew that much. These small sized, easy dissolving treats also reduce the risk of your pet swallowing a treat whole and choking. 

Tooth friendly treats

Pets, especially dogs, do not like it when their teeth are brushed. So to maintain your pet’s oral hygiene, you can choose these dental-friendly treats that are designed to clean up and refresh the animal’s mouth as it chews away at the edible product. These treats can help reduce plaque and tartar build up and can even improve the problem of bad breath in pets – eventually helping to improve their digestion and oral health.

The ‘10% treat’ rule

Pet parents should not allow their animal to have more than 10% of their daily calorie intake through treats and snacks. You can consult your vet to know about the nutritional needs of your pet and learn how many treats you can give him safely on a daily basis. Make sure they consider your pet’s type, age, size, weight, likes and metabolism when making this diet plan.

Treats not only help to cheer up your pets but also help in maintaining their health and wellness. Buy yours today!

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