Points to Remember While Buying Soil Compaction Testing Equipment

Posted by PCTE on July 3rd, 2017

Having the right soil compaction testing equipment is essential in determining the quality and integrity of soil to ensure that it is suitable for building foundations and other structures. When buying equipment, be mindful of the types, quality, price, and the retailer’s reputation. Here are some points to remember while buying soil compaction testing equipment: 

  • Determine your testing needs – Identify your testing requirements so you can properly evaluate products and find out which equipment is suitable. For example, you will need moulds and rammers to determine the link between moisture content and density of compacted soil, and you should consider investing in a high-quality proctor penetrometer when you need to identify the relation between moisture and penetration in fine-grained soils. An automatic soil compactor is needed to ensure the uniform compaction of specimens while ensuring conformity with international standards. 
  • Examine the quality of the testing equipment – Learn about the specifications of the soil compaction testing equipment to see what it is made of and make sure that it is suitable for your application. High-quality compaction moulds and rammers are made of plated steel and they are used in compacting soil samples in a compaction mould. They come in different models to conform to relevant standards. In Australia, 596kJ/m3 is the standard compactive effort used, and it is achieved by dropping the 2.7kg hammer from a 300mm height for 75 times when the 105mm mould is used, or 180 times with the 152mm mould.

    When choosing a proctor penetrometer, use a spring-type apparatus that comes with a spring loading device, graduated from 10 to 150 lbf in 2 lbf subdivisions. As for the automatic compactor, make sure it comes with a programmable digital counter to enable the machine to set the desired compaction cycle and reference standards.
  • Buy equipment only from a reputable provider – Look up an established and reputable provider of construction testing equipment that is trusted by engineering and construction companies. That way, you can be confident in the quality of its products, and you can be sure that it carries soil compaction testing equipment that complies to Australian and international standards. 

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