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5 Tips for Choosing Car Window Tinting in Philippines

Posted by Lawindowfilms on July 3rd, 2017

Window tinting adds a touch of elegance and an air of distinction to any vehicle. Apart from offering privacy, car window tinting helps to avert the rays of the sun while driving. This is great from the point of view of health and safety. Tinting blocks UV rays that damage the car and health. Fading, warping or interior cracking are results of exposure to UV rays. Here are five tips you need to consider while choosing car window tinting in Philippines. 

#1 Be Clear About Your Options

The first tip is that you need to have extensive information about the different types of car window tints and knowledge of the better option.  Consider visiting a window tinting outlet to acquire an understanding of the options available for you. The choice depends on the amount you are willing to spend for the tinting and the extent of usage of car.  Top tier tints have a longer life, are more visually appealing while offering better protection. 

#2 Evaluate the Potential for UV Protection 

Exposing the skin to UV rays for a longer period is unhealthy. UV tinting helps to keep up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays away from the passengers and the car interiors. Tinting prevents UV rays from entering the car and creating an oven effect or the buildup of heat in the interior of the car.

#3 Country Laws Matter 

Another important point to consider while choosing car tinting for windows is to know the state laws, rules, and regulations for the same. Remember that the degree of tinting for your window may vary from one region to another; therefore it is best to opt for a regional tinting service.

#4 Choose a Professional 

Another vital aspect is that while everyone can attempt tinting, only a pro can pull it off. Professional tinting costs a little more, but it is worth the extra cash you spend.  Lighter shades should be used on rear and side windows for a better view. Ultimately, the decision on the degree of tinting should be decided after consulting with professionals possessing adequate knowledge and experience.  

#5 The Maintenance Factor 

Proper care for the tint will ensure that it lasts for years. While it is true that tints are a great feature, it is important to know more about the maintenance involved. If the maintenance is poor, it may warrant a replacement which may turn out be expensive.  If maintenance is difficult, you can be sure that maintenance will suffer. For instance, an elaborate cleaning, involving specialist solution and drying regularly may not be a practical option for busy car owners. Therefore, choose window tinting that comes with easy maintenance. 

Tinting a car is no big deal for a professional. An amateur may most likely execute an improper installation leading to air bubbles. Professional window tinting offers the best outcomes and adds to the value of cars. Consider these important tips and be sure to get the best deal. 

About the Author:

Ramon Paneda is the sales and marketing manager of L.A. Window Films Philippines. Founded in 2003, L.A. Window Films Philippines is a leading provider and installer of window films in the Philippines boasting more than 10,000 clients across the nation.

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