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Posted by SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. on July 3rd, 2017

The IT industry or the field of information technology is undoubtedly a challenging yet an evolving one, the value and scope of which doesn’t seem to degrade in the coming future. With respect to the discussion, information technology leads you to two main career options – Software Development and Software Testing.

The coding world is all taken care of in the field of software development. Software testing simply takes the responsibility of all the specifications required or desired by the client while developing a software. There is a common consistent myth about the two career options. It is understood that both are synonymous to each other. They are not. They are two individual and different streams, totally unique from each other. This is why the discussion moves further to show the differences between the two.

It should be understood that there is no superior or lower among the two of these. Both the careers require their respective set of teams which should work together. While the software is being developed, it needs to be checked and tested. One is incomplete without the other. It becomes nearly impossible to develop the final software without the assistance of either of the teams.

Both the teams get involved as soon as the project commences. Although, the software testing team begins a little earlier than the software development team because they go through all the testing of the documents and also scan through the requirements of the software. The developing part comes in later when the requirements are known and specifications are considered. However, both the teams work together from the very first day till the end of the project.

The role of a software developer is crucial too. He should keep in mind that the module assigned to him should be developed dutifully keeping in mind the client’s needs. When the software is developed, it is tested and approved only if it is appropriate and in collaboration with the expectations of the client. A developer is assigned a particular project only if he or she has the skills and specialisations in the fields which are required for the development of the software.

Software testing engineers need to excel in specific languages, have knowledge about software manual and information on automation testing tools. There is no denying in this that both software developers as well as software testers should have knowledge about the ins and outs of a programming knowledge. An additional myth is that no matter what the demand, more or less, the IT industry and more specifically, these two career opportunities – software development and software testing, have a great scope and demand for in the coming years.

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