Which RDA Is Best: a Review of the Newest RDA Designs

Posted by Ben Oesterling on July 4th, 2017

Here is the frustrating and fun fact about rebuildable atomizers, or RDAs), they are incredibly simple to use once you learn how, but there are an incredible number of designs on the market today. This diversity in design is awesome for innovation and experimentation, but it can be difficult to investigate all of your options. At Kingdom Vapor, we have learned that fascinating or frustrating, knowing the options in Wholesale RDA is necessary, if you want to provide your customers with a full range of products and possibilities.

To help retailers wade the deep waters of wholesale RDA, we have put together a look at some of the better features and unique designs now available for this accessory. However, do not let our suggestions limit your imagination because every day there are new products available and at the Kingdom Vapor shop you can find them all.

The Hybrid Tank Meets Dripper Design
There appears to be a division in vaping between people who prefer traditional RDAs and those that want to utilize tanks. At Kingdom Vapor, we are hard pressed to declare allegiance to either side and shall remain Switzerland for the moment. But when it comes to wholesale RDA the now popular hybrid tank meets dripper looks and feels like a great design.

The Medusa RDTA made by GeekVape is constructed in this format. The combination, as utilized by GeekVape, shows that this hybrid dripper is a compromise between ease of use and high performance. Just as a traditional RDA is easy to start up and more building room, so is the medusa RDTA, but it offers some of the higher liquid capacity offered by a full-fledged tank. To make it even easier to transport, the Medusa comes with a locking top cap to prevent leaks while you are on the go.

Customization Comes Easy
Another RDA offered through the Kingdom Vapor’s wholesale RDA store is the Peerless RDA from Geek Vape RDA. The interesting design of this RDA really tests a manufacturer’s ability to balance between big build RDAs and smaller coils. On one hand, the Peerless RDA offers a wholesale RDA option with a large juice well, measuring 24 mm in diameter, while this same RDA has slots closer together that can fit smaller coils. Basically, the design gives users the ability to build endless configurations in a single RDA.

The Peerless RDA can accommodate any size coil and appeal to people whom like vaping with either style of RDA. There are few brands and builds on the market that can offer something substantially similar, and it is setting Geek Vape RDA apart.

Factors When Purchasing Wholesale RDA
Retailers will approach the purchase of wholesale RDA with various strategies. Some may decide to capture a specific group of users, for instance those who only want to vape with a traditional RDA or small coils. This allows retailers to develop a niche, and potentially a very loyal customer base.

Other retailers will see benefits in provide a range of RDA options and possibilities. This strategy allows a retailer to introduce customers to innovative designs and new products and be a company on the forefront of vaping technology. However, the retailer can do this without abandoning tried and true products and designs.

What are your customers looking for in their next RDA? At Kingdom Vapor we want have RDAs of all shapes, sizes, and construction at our online store. Visit the shop today and find your next best seller.

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