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Posted by Robert Roberts on July 4th, 2017

When you visit Colombia, Bogota is by far the best place you could think of in terms of tourist attractions. However, most of the newcomers consider it to be a crime scene, where you have to watch your every step, unless you are really reckless or plain silly. We would suggest you discover the amazing mysteries that are hidden within the walls of this strange city, old and new, and nonetheless mesmerizing. To start with, many of you have heard of Bogota as a hub of the nightlife and a secondary cast, whereas the capital has so much to offer. Of course, Colombia can be regarded as an exotic destination with its history-filled and ridiculously rich Cartagena and the natural coasts of Medellina, which slowly transform into the Amazonian forests and the Caribbean beaches. You can choose to stay in the sun or rent a yacht, but we would highly recommend you to pay a visit to the capital first.

For some of you, skipping Bogota may seem like a fair deal. It is full of traffic, and the noise and pollution add to the negative impression. And it must be outlined that for a city that is situated 2,640 meters above sea level, it is quite rainy (fans of the British weather, here you go). You can start with having a legendary black coffee and slowly come to the understanding that not everything is about traffic. According to the travelers who have been wandering across the country in search of a good sound, Colombian bars are certainly the most unique places on earth, with their mixture of tropical pleasures and exotic delights. By adding some electronica to the dance, you can end up swinging your feet around and having a good time while others are watching with bated breath, hypnotized by the local dancers and the bands in the streets. We can surely say that Bogota is an ancient city, with its ruins and narrow corridors and traditions that date back to the past. The fusing of the instruments is something that can’t be found in Europe – at least, not to that extent, and the locals are friendlier than ever when it comes to explaining their mentality and cultural issue. Another benefit of visiting the capital is the chance to become a part of the street demonstration, which resembles a carnival in Rio, with the exception of feathers and the number of participants, who march through the streets with colorful flags and banners.

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