How to Reduce Appetite Easily

Posted by Ruth Tourville on July 4th, 2017

Hence, it's not only the hunger many factors build up our hunger. Some internal weakness and lacking too trigger appetite. There are ways through which you can suppress your hunger.

Never skip your breakfast

After a good night sleep, you must fill your tummy with a solid food to keep your metabolism running for longer. Skipping breakfast makes a person dull and weak plus it weakens us internally which ultimately increase the urge to eat more and more. A balanced lifestyle can help you reduce your hunger.

Have morning Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants. It boosts metabolism and affects the appetite of a body. Within an hour of its consumption, it begins to show its results.

Eat Dark Chocolate

A bar of dark chocolate contains 70 percent of pure cocoa. Cocoa bean contains stearic acid which helps to kill appetite. It can contribute to slow down the digestion which makes you able to feel full for longer period. To get the double impact, you can blend dark chocolate with a cup of coffee.

Eat Nutritional Food

Increase your intake of protein-rich food and dishes having vitamins, carbohydrates and other vital nutrients. For all those diet conscious people this is the best way to kill your appetite plus to enrich your body with healthy nutrients.

Eat Mindfully

What happens is, by eating while being distracted restricts our brain to detect hunger signals. When we eat, our brain constantly detects these signals and makes us able to eat more this how we know when to stop. But f we remain distracted we will end up eating extra that will disturb our appetite. So eat mindfully putting in your utmost concentration.

Drink plenty of water

We know how important water is for our body. But a simple trick to kill appetite is by getting hydrated just before taking your meal. It is the smartest way to eat less. In this way, your stomach will leave little space for food, and you will get full quickly. It will automatically quench your hunger.

You can add a drop or two of lemon in your water too. It will help you reduce your weight and unwanted fats.

Regulate your meals

Punctuality is necessary for almost everything. Controlling your hunger will help yu take control of excessive eating habits. You will know when to eat and how much to eat. You will not skip your meals and in a few days your whole body will start to follow a routine and will begin to respond according to it.

Get Some Healthy Snacks

Arm yourself with healthy food and items. Do not eat sugary things. Store some fresh fruits, grilled chicken, boiled vegetables or healthy snacks to satisfy your hunger. Consuming sugary food builds up fats. Instead, you should try some natural appetite suppressant supplements.

Exercise Regularly

The last and the most important thing which one can easily do is exercise regularly. Do daily workouts. Run some extra miles. Set targets and achieve them with full dedication. Eliminating fats and strengthening your immunes system through regular exercise will automatically help to control hunger.


Our body works the way we want it to work. You can train your hunger. It might sound foolish, but it's actually possible. Control yourself. Eat healthily and appropriately. Take proper sleep and do not eat just before pulling over the sheets. Eating in bed also builds up our hunger enzymes. Try these simple techniques and see for yourself the change within no time.

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