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Posted by Yandel Idbell on July 5th, 2017

Many people use sex toys for orgasm. There might be plenty of benefits of using them in sexual life. However there are some facts that one needs to consider before buying them.

Factors to consider for a good and safe sex toy:

There is no any organization or authority that regulates the safety of these products. As there are no barriers, companies may use any kind of material to manufacture these sex toys. They may be toxic and hazardous to human health as well. We usually don’t find regulations for use of sex toys because most of the governments don’t want to admit that people use sex toys. These sex toys are banned in several countries.

There is a lack of quality sex education in many parts of the world. That is why most of the people are unaware of potential dangers from use of specific material.

Most of the sex toys are made with Jelly Latex, which is a form of PVC that smells like plastic curtains. This emits toxins due to extended shelf life of more than 6 months, agitation and heat which is caused during use of these sex toys. As the toxins stay inside the body for long time, they may cause serious problems to reproductive organs and diseases like liver cancer.

Companies prefer such material to make sex toys as they are cheap in price. People prefer spending less for products such as sex toys. Even if they are expensive that doesn’t really mean they are safe.

There are some materials which can be safe for our bodies. They don’t have a sticky surface, don’t have unusual odor. Some of the examples are silicone, stainless steel, glass and Pyrex. These can be chosen as safer materials to make sex toys however they are quite expensive. They have their own merits and demerits. Glass can be great choice for hot and cold play. Silicone can be harder or softer. It gains heat by body temperature. However it loses its properties and ruins if lubes are used. Stainless steel can be a good choice if user looks for some additional weight.

We must remember that genuine and safe sex toys making companies promote education and positive sexuality.

These are some basic matters we need to clarify before buying a sex toy.

Benefits of using a sex toy:


  1. The purpose of a sex toy is not really to replace a partner, but to allow a person to explore sensual desires. Thus use of sex toy can create a good amount of self-awareness.
  1. Sex toys can help in realizing raciest sexual fantasies. Varieties of products are available on various online dildo shops, such as lubes for women who experience dryness. There are vibrators and fleshjacks for those who miss their partners. These are supposed to be inserted in the vaginal hole and reciprocated for similar sensations of sexual intercourse.
  1. The overall time required for erosion and reaching orgasm during process of having sex with a partner can be reduced by use of sex toys. That would really help in efficiency of sex life. Psychologically it is important that both the partners reach the extreme point at the same time to have satisfying sexual experience.
  1. Satisfying each other’s lust-fuelled fantasies may result in more closer intimate connection between the partners.

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