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Posted by Avijit on August 29th, 2010

As a small business owner, you must think about ? how to increase the profit and minimize the software cost in your organization? Well, you can start to reduce your software cost from the frontline. Means- you can use open source office productivity tools to improve your employees? performance without any cost.

Open 3.3.0 -

Open is an Open source, free alternative to Ms Office with a Word compatible word processor, an Excel compatible spread sheet program & a PowerPoint like presentation software & drawing program, Database & also allows saving to PDF file & many more. Open is the result of over twenty year?s software engineering. It is easy to learn. Open is probably available & supported in your own language. It supports 27 Language. In addition Open offers enhanced printing capabilities & option for direct connection with external email program. Form ? letter management help to send letters to addresses from a database. WRITER is Open word processor uses it for anything writing, cross-references, table of contents, indexes, Auto complete, Auto format & spelling check make light work of the hardest task. CALC is powerful spreadsheet program has all the tools you need to calculate, analyze, summaries & present your data in numerical reports. A fully integrated help system makes entering complex formulas a breeze. It has sophisticated decision making tool are just a few mouse clicks away. Pull in external data using the data pilot, short it, filter it & produce subtotal & statistical analyses. IMPRESS is most effective multimedia presentations. You can use special effect, animation & high impact drawing tools. Open is the most open suite it available as no commercial licenses or software
compliance issues to worry about, no language barriers, available on all major computing platforms, the source code for the software is freely available under a full OSI certified license. Hundreds of thousands of users have participated in the beta testing version. With a fully open development process, Open has nothing to hide; this product stands or falls on its reputation Open is most user-friendly. The latest version of the software is ? 3.3.0 beta 1 size ? 150.45 MB.

Oxygen Office Professional 3.0 ?

 it is a derivative of Open Office; the developers of the software called it ? ?Open Office
Premium?. The main feature of this productivity suite is ? Support HTML in Calc, Improved security, Color palette and finally the outstanding performance. The main feature of this suite is ? it comes with a huge clip art gallery. Nearly 3,200 graphics are included in the current version. Size of this software is ? 342.80 MB.

Go-OO 3.2 ?

 it is another Open Office derivative along with excellent range of other features, which is not included with official release of Open Office. Currently it supports ? OpenXML, Excel VBA macros, Visio Diagrams and many more?.This software enables you, better interpretability, excellent functionality, faster execution and robust code integration. Current version of this software is ?187.21 MB.

Well you can download Open & use entirely free of any license fees. It is released under the LGPL license. You use Open for any purpose domestic, commercial, educational & public administration.

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