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What is the software license management? Every software contains a legal contract. This contract is a virtual contract in between the software sellers and the buyers. But, this is a very powerful contract. Without a software licensing contract, the software users cannot install the software and access the software application. The business houses use the software applications for increasing the productivity. In this case, the organizations must use an upgraded version of the software application. According to the recent rules & regulations, every software license agreement should be renewed. This is actually called the software license management. A particular organization uses software for many purposes. So, one by one finding each and every software licensingcontract is a very tough. Using the software usage tracking, Automated License Management tool, software audit tool, etc. are highly recommended.

The software license management tool: -

This application is also called the software asset management tool or the software license compliance program. Actually, a software asset management tool helps to maintain the IT copyrights, and controls the various software applications. This tool is actually very reliable and compatible business application. The features of this application are given below.

o   As previously mentioned that, this is a compatible application. So, a software license management tool can interact with the various software in an organization.

o   It collects important information about the different software and stores the information. In this way, the SAM tool helps to maintain a database, which is related to the software. In this database, the license numbers, expiry date, agreement renewal cost, etc. will be included.

o   The software license management tool also works as a financial budget management tool. Actually, it identifies the pre-installed applications and helps an organization to decide the future software budgets

o   On the other hand, an automated software license management tool upgrades the software license agreements within the time limit.

The software usage tracking tool: -

This is kind of a software monitoring tool. This is very easy to hack unlicensed software. Even, a privileged user can hack the licensed software. With the help of a software usage tracking tool, an organization can find the details of the software performance and the users’ performance. A usage tracking tool or monitoring tool can control the multiple software applications at the same time.

People can learn more about the software usage tracking, Automated License Management tool, by searching the web.

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