The Al-Nasser University offers the best dual degree graduate programs

Posted by salemmontakah05 on July 5th, 2017

dual degree graduate programsAccountancy is a key subject in business today. The accounting systems have changed a lot during the years. Due to expansion of the companies into various countries, there is a need for having a common and unified accounting system. These courses at the Al-Nasser University go deep into the accounting systems and ensure that the students master every subject. They have a system whereby you can get dual degrees in the same time you acquire one.

These dual degree graduate programs in the subjects of Accountancy and Finance enable the student to have a higher stake in the employment market. Any employer will naturally opt for a student with dual degree qualification in comparison to a candidate with a single degree.

The main reason for doing a dual degree is the overlapping of the subjects. You find many subjects common in both accountancy and finance. Doing separate degrees can be a waste of time as well as money for the student. These degrees offer curses in subjects as varying in nature as risk management to commercial law. The student becomes a complete professional once he completes the dual degrees.

The main attracting of this University is that they have tie-up arrangements with various universities in the world. In addition, they have arrangements to provide additional qualifications with reputed institutes such as Aptech in India. These accredited degree programs are available to students pursuing computer related courses in hardware as well as software technology.

On completing these courses, the students gain hands-on experience in computers making them become true professionals in every way. These additional qualifications enable the students to become well-versed in all aspects of computers. This increases their chances of employability anywhere in the world.

Similarly, the dual degree programs in accountancy and finance makes them understand the current financial trends. These courses have a great bearing in the development of the student in the fields of accountancy and finance. The courses place special emphasis on oil accounting because the accountancy procedures in the oil producing companies are different from that you see in other companies. Thus, a student comes out as a thorough professional from this University. For more info visit

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