Types of segments in market an investor can look over

Posted by Ayesha Jaiswal on July 5th, 2017

Now a day many people invest their money in share market according to their portfolio to earn a profit on it. Different investor select different market to invest.There is a number of the market in which one can trade and earn money.The main major market is stock, commodity and currency (Forex) market and various people invest in these market according to their investment goal.


Following are the major segments that derived in market -


1.Stock market – A stock market or equity market is a place where investors do purchasing and selling of stocks of a particular company.In stock trading, shares of public listed company are traded in share market.People do buy and selling of stocks to earn a return on their investment.The primary market is where company open up its share for the public, called initial public offering in order to raise capital. Once a security traded in the primary market then they are traded in the secondary market. Investing in stock market is one of the best ways make money.Anyone can make money through stock trading by following smart trading strategies, market calls recommendations and stock tips by financial experts.


Stock trading is the buying and selling of company stock with the hope of making a profit.Trading in stocks is one of the famous forms of investing along with commodity and forex market.


2..Commodity Market – Commodity market facilitate trading in commodities, it includes trading of precious metals like gold, silver and agri-product like wheat, rice etc.The commodity market is one of the best markets for trading. One can earn a better income through commodity trading in case of economic uncertainties. Commodities are traded mainly in MCX and NCDEX – MCX abbreviated for Multi Commodity Exchange, it is an independent commodity exchange in India established in 2003 and NCDEX which is widely known for the trading of agriculture products.

In a commodity market, investors trade in a primary sector rather than the trading of manufactured product.

There are two types of commodities in market -

1.Soft Commodity – It includes wheat, sugar, coffee etc.

2.Hard Commodity – It includes gold, silver etc.


Commodity market includes both physical and derivatives trading using spot price, futures, options etc.Commodity trading is similar to another trading market.Here also you have to put some money in advance as a margin money.



3.Forex market – It is a most popular market in the world where currencies are traded in foreign exchange market.It includes buying, selling and exchanging of Indian currencies to other foreign currencies at a determined price according to the current value of the country.It involves a global network of brokers and investor all over the world.Foreign exchange market works with financial institutions, banks and commercial companies and forex brokers and investors.Forex is traded in 24 hours in a single day, almost 5 days a week all over by the bank, individual traders and institutions.Like other financial marketplaces, there is no centralised marketplace for forex trading. Currencies traded in the forex market at their market time.



Trading in share market is very famous among people, now a day various people are making money through investing in trade market by following experts stock recommendations, stock tips, stock futures tips, commodity tips, forex tips and much more these smart tips help investors to take buying and selling decision of a particular securities at a perfect time.

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