What are the various styles of Vintage jewelry?

Posted by Amuletin on July 6th, 2017

Why is Steampunk jewelry so popular?

Steampunk jewelry is popular since the Industrial Revolution era and is fun and fascinating to look at. It is the type of jewelry which combines the hardware, imagination, vintage, science fiction and also gadgetry. Steampunk is the fictional era of British Victorian-Edwardian Period of the 1800s. The jewelry of that period makes use of elements of vintage, fashions, literature. In fact, all the stylish and best elements of that period are combined to create the pieces of jewelry. It also imbibes the creative dose of fantasy fun or science fiction. All such mix may sound strange but they create fantastic pieces. Although the genre began as fiction but it has now evolved into a popular style of wear. The style of jewelry is influenced by various cultures, ages and inventions. So, they are popular as the pieces are really interesting to look at. Designers incorporate fun components to create the jewelry pieces. There is a lot of scope when it comes to embellishing the jewelry pieces.

When you are looking to wear a vintage dress, you need to complement that with vintage jewelry.The vintage dress will look just perfect on you. Vintage outfits are the outfits that are inspired by different ages and this same holds true for the vintage jewelry as well. You may wear the pieces for aesthetic reasons and to express your individuality and creativity. There are various styles or types of vintage jewelry.

Popular types of vintage jewelry

Vintage is a broad term and if you want to explore it, you have to learn a lot of things. It encompasses authentic pieces and newly manufactured jewelry pieces that are inspired by vintage. Some of the styles of jewelry that fall within vintage are:

  • The art deco jewelry style is the popular jewelry kind which emerged in the 1915. If you like geometric jewelry pieces and silver sterling long pieces of jewelry then the art deco style is just perfect for you.

  • Estate jewelry is also the popular type of vintage piece. The Estate Jewelry is the piece of jewelry that does not belong to a single age or era. The design of the Estate Jewelry is one-of-a-kind. Most of the pieces are personalized to suit the user.

  • Anyone willing to look like a Hollywood Star can choose Retro Jewelry. It was popular from 1945-1960. Some of the most popular pieces falling within Retro Style are chunky bracelets and cocktail rings.

  • Stamped and signed jewelry are the style of vintage jewelry that includes medallions. Such pieces are produced in huge numbers. Stamped or signed pieces of jewelry are the personalized jewelry pieces.

  • If you cannot afford the real vintage jewelry, you may prefer costume jewelry which is just the imitation of vintage pieces. Costume jewelry is made with imitation pearls, gold plating, glass gems, wood and such items that are inexpensive.

Those who have great knowledge of vintage pieces of jewelry, they can pick a suitable one. You must always do a bit of research on the items before choosing any. Explore the various shops that sell vintage pieces and consider the options you get.

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