African clothing and ethnic Jewelry- A unique fashion evolved over centuries.

Posted by universalposition on July 6th, 2017

No doubt about it, the ethnic jewelry of Africa stands proudly among the art forms of the world. The very broad spectrum of different types of African art covers a truly vast range of styles, art forms, materials, and even concepts.

The type of African ethnic jewelry varies from person to person and region to region. Most importantly, the type of jewelry is also defined by the many different environments in Africa. The country has three distinct regions that can be clearly demarcated including the Sahara region in the Northern part of Africa, Equatorial region which encompasses the central region and last but not at all the least the Savannah. Almost the entire Africa is surrounded by these three regions.

The jewelry of people living in Sahara region is basically related to geometrical shapes. For instance, the Tuareg cross which is made up of silver and handed down from generation to generation. The cross signifies four corners of the world and they are of the belief that wearing the cross at the time of death will help the soul.

The Dogon of Mali prefers jewelry that is associated with the power of myth and occult. Generally, they get their necklaces made up of iron and copper alloy. Some materials are believed to have magical powers and considered sacred. As well as jewelry, African cloth and fabric defines their rich cultural heritages. The combinations of jewels and clothing is modern African art have to be seen to be believed.

African fabric is also a major art medium itself. It can be used in sewing beautiful clothes, in decorating a home and various other creative pursuits. African textiles have gained a strong place in the global market as well. Among many different types of cloth, African Mudcloth has earned a special fame.

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