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Posted by htfinechem on July 6th, 2017

Textile auxiliaries are essential to enhance the added value of textiles, not only make the textile functional, but also make its high-grade, more with the sense of the times. In order to have these advantages, the premise is the fabric dyeing to be evenly permeable, a very effective method that using leveling agent which features in slow dye or migration to achieve uniform dyeing effect.

In the dyeing process of fiber yarn, line or fabric , in order to promote uniform dyeing without color bars, spots and other added substances, leveling agents are here to use. Most of the leveling agents are water-soluble surfactants, which are divided into two types according to the effect of leveling agent on the diffusion and aggregation of dyes: one is fibrous leveling agent, which has little effect on the concentration of dyes. But the affinity of the fiber is greater than the affinity of the dye to the fiber, so in the process of dyeing, this kind of leveling agent will be combined with fiber first, reduce dyeing rate, but with the change of dyeing conditions, dyes will gradually replace the leveling agent, fixed on the fiber, this kind of leveling agent only has a slow dyeing effect; the second is the dye affinity leveling agent, which can significantly improve the dye aggregation degree, the affinity of the dye is greater than the affinity of the dye on the fiber. The leveling agent is combined with the dye to produce a stable aggregate, which reduces the dye diffusion rate and delays the dyeing time. As the condition changes, the dye gradually get rid of of the leveling agent, combined with the fiber, but at this time leveling agent on the dye still have a certain affinity, for unevenness of fabric can also be dyed from the fiber down, dye on the light of the place, so this kind of leveling agent not only has a slow dyeing effect, but also has the dye migration.

In addition, according to the type of fiber used, leveling agent can be divided into natural fiber leveling agent, nylon leveling agent, acrylic leveling agent, polyester leveling agent and blended fabric leveling agent.

Here to introduce some typical leveling agent dosage:

1. Suitable for acrylic and polyester

TEOA0.2benzyl chloride34.3
Ethoxylated lanolin5.4methylbenzene137.5

2. Levelling agent for acrylic

cationic dyes0.5~1Leveling agent DC2~3
acetic acid(98%)1~2Anhydrous sulfate5~20
sodium acetate1

Leveling Agent for Acid Dyes 2015K
【Main composition】 Zwitterionic surfactants.【General properties】 Appearance:light yellow liquidIonicity:anionic
Leveling Agent 2022 for Reacitive Dyes
Leveling agent for reactive dyes of excellent leveling to improves dyeing yield and does not affect shades.
Leveling Agent for Cationic Dyes RAN
Leveling agent for cationic dyes has good compatibility with cationic and non-ionic additives
Acid Leveling Agent HTW
【Main composition】 Zwitterionic and non/anionic surfactants.【General properties】 Appearance:light yellow liquid Ionicity: anionic Solubility: easily soluble in water, Stability: stable to acid, alkali, e...
Cationic Leveling Agent for Acrylic 1227
Cationic surfactant 1227 has strong affinity to acrylic fiber, achieve retarding purpose, and got the level color, leveling agent can also improve dyeing property diversity cause by the different of a...
Leveling Agent for Acrylic M08
This product has a strong affinity for acrylic fiber, the dye stripping the dark staining area, and migration to a shallow position, make the color uniform.
Cationic Dye Leveling Agent for Acrylic RAN

【Main ingredients 】Cationic surfactant compound【Product character 】Appearance: yellowish transparent liquidPH value: 7

Stability: resistant to hard water, acid and electrolyte
Oil Removing and High Temperature Leveling Agent LA

HT-LA is a brand new auxiliary for pretreatment and dyeing which is free of formaldehyde, APEO, environment hormone, hazardous heavy metals and other carcinogens.

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