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A Homebody?s Guide to using Aluminum Foil

Posted by Aaluminum on July 6th, 2017

Think you can only use aluminum foil for cooking food and keeping leftovers fresh? Think again. There are many tasks in which homeowners can employ aluminum foil, though most don’t think much about it.

When you’re next ironing clothes, lay a sheet of aluminum foil out and place the clothing item over top; the iron’s heat will travel evenly through the fabric twice over. If you enjoy fishing, fix up your hook with a small piece of foil to catch the sun’s rays and lure in fish.

Aluminum foil is great for improving lighting, both inside and outside. Attach a piece of cardboard to a sheet of foil with rubber cement to make a low-cost light reflector for indoor photos, or secure some foil to the back of your campsite or backyard lights for outdoor photos.

For those who consistently use their barbecue for cooking juicy meats, place several sheets of aluminum foil underneath the meat and turn the edges upwards to catch falling liquid. You can also clean your grill with foil by laying out a few sheets on the bars while the coals are still hot, and when they’ve died out, use the crushed foil to coarsely brush the grill.

Sharpen your scissors by folding a few pieces of foil and cutting through them eight to ten times, or polish chrome with the scrunched-up shiny side of the foil. You can even make your own piping bag for icing cakes by folding it into a cone shape and filling it with icing.

Bring some aluminum foil along when you go camping from now on, because it can be used as a casing to keep matches dry or a mat to avoid soaking your sleeping bag on the forest floor. Makeshift funnels and cups can be shaped from aluminum foil in urgent situations as well.

Keeping your paint dry while renovating a room can be tricky, but by cutting an aluminum foil circle to put on top and exhaling into the paint can before you close it, the foil and carbon dioxide will work together to prevent the paint from hardening. You can also wrap your paintbrushes in foil and tighten them with elastics to keep them damp for the next use, which keeps the bristles straight and avoids the need for constant rinsing.

If your vinyl flooring is starting to lift up, don’t call a repairman immediately. Instead, readjust it, put a piece of foil on top, iron it out to reseal the adhesive underneath the flooring, and put a brick or heavy object on top of it to secure it. It should stay put from now on.

We certainly take things for granted sometimes, and it seems that one of those things is aluminum foil. Now, you can use it for tasks all over the house - not just in the kitchen.

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