5 Things to Consider When Opting For a Hair Transplant in Indore

Posted by drmohana on July 6th, 2017

Choose a hair transplant clinic precisely:

Choose a hair transplant clinic which believes in transparency and authenticity. Do a complete research of the centre from where to get the treatment done. Do not fall for advertisements; be watchful before getting a hair transplant.

Do a complete study of the website and read the reviews:

Paid advertisements generally misguide the patients; therefore the patient should go through the website. They should read the patient's feedbacks, videos and before and after images. It will help to get an idea of how this work has been done and what previous patients felt after their surgery. If needed meet the patient directly.

Do research about the doctor and what exactly is to be done:

Look out for doctors who are specialist's hair transplant in Indore. Make sure that they are experienced in performing such surgeries. Choose the best qualified doctor for hair transplant surgery because it cannot be altered. Look the before after results on YouTube, the websites or hair transplant forums to make sure that the surgeon is best in his field. Also check which technology the doctor is using. Make sure the clinic is reputed and recognised.


There are different types of hair transplant treatments. Which treatment exactly is required should be clarified with the doctor. FUT should be performed by qualified doctors not a general physician whereas FUE should be performed by dermatologist, surgeon or qualified allopathic doctor.

Keep a track on budget:

To perform a hair transplant one should be very precise on budget. There are many doctors who perform hair transplant surgery in cheap rates and some charge very high rates for the same. In this quality matters than quantity. Confirm each and every query before opting for the surgery

The cost of hair transplant procedure is influenced by the following prime factors generally:

  • Number of grafts on the scalp
  • The technique to be used
  • The current stage or grade of Baldness
  • Surgeons reputation & recognition
  • Clinic location, establishment and provided facilities, care & hygiene measure.

Post surgery follow-ups:

One should take regular post follow ups for effective and safe outcome of the procedure. Best clinics always provide methods, oils, medicines and guidance so that the patient can take care of their hair and skin after the surgery.

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