Ways to Get Out of a Timeshare Contract

Posted by David Bates on July 6th, 2017

Have you lost interest in your timeshare property? Are you facing escalating annual fees that is making you want to sell your timeshare? Has your lifestyle changed that you no longer value holidays and travel adventures? In our earlier blogs, we discoursed on pointers for avoiding timeshare traps. However, if you’re not able to sidestep timeshare traps, you can get yourself free from it using these tips.


A very quick way to get out of time share contract is to cancel your timeshare contract. Here are some tips on how to terminate your timeshare contract.

  1.        Review your contract for cancellation terms: You can glance through your timeshare contract for words like termination, cancellation, or severability to get clue on how you can cancel your timeshare contract. The terms are typically listed on the last page of the contract. If your timeshare contract is not up to 10 days after making payment, there is a provision for you to cancel.
  2.        Research on state laws to learn about timeshare contract cancellations: Research on your state’s Department of Consumers Affairs website if you are finding it difficult to know the provisions of your state laws towards contract cancellations. If you’re still finding it difficult to understand the provisions, you can contact an attorney to aid you.
  3.        Check for personal liability of purchase: In most timeshare contracts that I’ve examined, there is a language stating that you are liable to continue paying for your timeshare annual fees. However, if the contractor does not specify this in the terms of agreement, then you can quietly walk away.
  4.        Retain a timeshare attorney to aid you in Timeshare contract cancellation: This is the best method on how to legally get out of timeshare contract. It works like magic because most companies would not like to get into litigations with you, and they would release you from the contract. Your attorney will let you know about all possible liabilities in filing a litigation against the timeshare company.

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